DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Start a business from your home: 8 ideas to start.

Start your own dropshipping business from home and sell online

Did you know that 3.9 million employees in the U.S. work remotely?

Working from where you want is probably your dream, but making money from home while wearing your pajamas isn’t that easy.

Find out with us if you are ready to start earning while working from home to finally reach your personal financial goals.

You may fall in love with this routine and wish it became your full-time job.

Use technology to your advantage and choose the freedom to work how and where you want! Precisely because of this growing desire, online job opportunities are multiplying.

What are the pros and cons of working on your own online home business?

A home business is an activity that you can start in no time, in fact, the base of operations will be your home and you’ll be your own boss. You can choose to launch your own online business to supplement your monthly income and perhaps turn it into your first source of income.

Calling it business from home is limiting, some jobs can be done from anywhere in the world: not bound by a specific location and you can earn from anywhere you want.

But what are the pros of working from home and what are the cons?

The pros:

  • Less expenses. For example, you will not have to incur warehouse and office costs.
  • You can sell your products or services all over the world.
  • You have the possibility to independently manage your work and your private life.
  • Finally reduce costs, time and stress related to home-office travel.
  • You finally have a feeling of freedom and independence that an employee job cannot give you.

The cons:

  • Working from home is synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle and this can turn out to be a bad habit for your body.
  • The risk of canceling your private life is very high, at some point you may not be able to effectively organize the moments in which to work and the moments in which you dedicate yourself to your free time.
  • If you fear loneliness and alienation, working in an online business is not for you! Human interactions are limited. Maybe you could decide to go to a coworking place for a few days a month, to meet new people to collaborate with in order to grow your business.
  • More responsibility. Of course, being an entrepreneur is certainly rewarding, but don’t forget that you’ll be solely responsible for your success and your defeats.

Find out the right home business ideas to put into practice today.

Once you have carefully examined the pros and cons of home business, you can decide which one is best for you.

1. Selling wholesale products from home

Do you have extra space available? You could start creating your own small warehouse of products to resell in your shop, if you start from small objects you will not need to rent an ad hoc warehouse. For example, some successful businesses resell products that take up little space, such as costume jewelry, smartphone accessories, etc.

Find your niche and identify interesting merchandise to resell, in the beginning, you could focus on a single product.

For example, a trend of the past was that of Pop Sockets, or a kind of removable button to be glued to the back of the smartphone, created to facilitate the grip of increasingly large mobile devices.

2. Start a dropshipping home business

If you want to work when and where you want, using only your computer, this is the solution for you! Sell ​​dropshipping products: eliminate any stock risk, choose a serious and reliable supplier and start earning by investing your time only in your marketing strategy.

Unlike buying an e-commerce site that has already started, you can independently create your shop by choosing to work on your own project day by day.

Find out how to start a dropshipping business directly here, we have reserved for you a complete guide on how to do dropshipping in 2022.

3. Build your own audience to monetize

Influencers and bloggers have spotted this trend first, but it’s never too late to create the perfect audience to start monetizing. It all starts with identifying your market niche and building a blog and multiple social profiles in which you talk about topics relevant to this specific target. The rest will come by itself, but bear in mind that you will work hard at first and get nothing in return, as building a close-knit community takes time.

In 2022, social selling is an increasingly strong tool for selling, so if you decide to open your own business online you will still have to work very well with social media.

4. Selling homemade products

Take advantage of your talent and choose to monetize it, there are many people who started selling products made by themselves. For example, it is easy to find online businesses of handmade vegetable candles, or jewelry made with sustainable materials.

The secret is to create a very specific product and leverage on the concept of homemade: if you are good at embroidering, you may decide to create customized products or gadgets for special events. But remember that, although handmade creations are extremely unique and special, they take a lot of time and above all your business will never become scalable.

5. Earn money with on-demand printing

Like dropshipping, the on-demand printing business does not require a warehouse, it relieves you of the responsibility of shipping and creating inventory.

Personalize anonymous products with your own design, this is the best solution if you have a creative spirit and if you want to expand your earnings with simple but original products.

By now the products available for customization are many, not only t-shirts, but also books, tops, caps, cushions, mugs, phone covers, etc.

Identify trends and create ad hoc graphics, or choose to speak to a specific audience with well-defined passions. Some niches could be pet owners, gamers, 80s nostalgics, outdoor enthusiasts, etc.

6. Selling your knowledge

What do you do? What is your main job? We are sure that during your career you will have learned many notions that you put into practice every day. How about starting teaching one-to-one? Thanks to all the videoconferencing systems you could start selling your online consultancy for other businesses.

The most requested services are the teaching of foreign languages, personal training consultancy, business coaching, marketing and social media management lessons. These are just a few ideas: for example, if you are an excel expert, you could help your clients create their financial plan.

7. Creating courses

This option is an evolution of the previous one, in fact, many of your skills could help you create a scalable business. If you are very good at powerpoint presentations, instead of giving online lessons you could create video courses to sell and resell indefinitely. Or you could create an ebook in which you concentrate all your social media marketing knowledge, you can resell it endless times and earn a lot without lifting a finger.

Creating online courses is not easy, but you can rely on already existing and intuitive platforms that help you become a great teacher and sell your courses online in a professional and credible way.

8. Buying an existing e-commerce site

There are platforms that sell ecommerce sites already established at variable prices based on the basic turnover generated. Some sellers include a support phase in the price to help you start the business. It is certainly an interesting option to consider, but it can hide many pitfalls, for example, you could spend more to buy a database that perhaps turns out to be a failure.

Now that you know different ways to work online, you just have to choose the one that suits you best! Explore fields and worlds different from yours, but never forget that the focus should always be “Why should they choose me?”. Try to differentiate yourself and work with commitment and dedication to reap the fruits of your commitment as soon as possible.

If you’re intrigued by dropshipping, find out how we at BDroppy can help you achieve your financial goals: for over 12 years, we have been making our knowledge available to those who decide to start and grow their business in the digital world.