DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – What’s the ideal budget to start dropshipping?

scopri il budget ideale per avviare il tuo e-commerce dropshipping - i nostri consigli per il tuo business

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to start a successful online business today.

This type of business makes it possible to start an activity only with a computer, an internet connection and a small investment. Yeah, but how small?

Being an online business, dropshipping doesn’t require investments in physical premises, such as shops, warehouses, etc. There are various costs that do not apply to an online business, so the cost of the initial investment will always be lower and this is the main reason why it’s not possible to know with certainty how much it will cost to start.

Even if the initial value is not fixed, one thing is certain: it will cost much less than a physical activity.

With BDroppy, for example, you don’t need huge investments, but only a subscription, and you can also have an e-commerce site starting from 99 € per month.

The fashion dropshipping reseller will not have to worry about the product, inventory management or shipping, but will simply pass orders to a dropshipping supplier who handles all inventory and logistics.

BDroppy was born from the decades-long experience of Brandsdistribution Group in the e-commerce sector, to meet the needs of those who want to grow their online business by reselling great designer fashion brands, without warehouse risks.

You can integrate BDroppy’s catalog of major fashion brands with one or more sales channels by choosing among: the main marketplaces, your existing e-commerce or, if you wish, we can create for you a turnkey site integrated with our catalog!

In this way you can start your successful online business with a very small expense and, if you think about those of traditional stores, I assure you that those to be supported to start your dropshipping business will seem almost ridiculous!

Plus you won’t have any worries! The only thing you will have to focus on will be the promotion of your online designer fashion store.

A key part of being successful with dropshipping is having an entrepreneurial mind, where training is the foundation of success. Also in this case, unlike a traditional business, where you often start totally alone and without any kind of support, having to learn from the experience and mistakes we make, as regards dropshipping we have several videos that you can consult on our YouTube channel.

Why don’t you start selling online with us, via BDroppy?

Thanks to BDroppy, if you are already selling online, on your website, or through a marketplace, you can have the dropshipping service included, so you can integrate the BDroppy fashion catalog on your website/e-commerce, with thousands of original designer fashion products, using a single dashboard.

Start now on BDroppy to explore all your online sales opportunities!