DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Affiliate marketing: what it is and how it works.

Promote BDroppy and earn with our Affiliate Program. 

Through Affiliate Marketing, a direct relationship is created between the brand that offers a product or service in the market and the affiliate who promotes that product or service in exchange for a commission for each sale generated.

Surely you are wondering: “Interesting, but how can I do it on BDroppy?” 

This article offers you an answer to your main questions: you will find everything you need to start earning with our affiliate program.

Let’s start with the most popular question:

 Who can become an “Affiliate”? 

The BDroppy Affiliate Program is aimed at all those who want to find an alternative source of income, easy to set up and flexible and free: online marketing enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, YouTubers, content creators, freelancers.

How does it work?

  • Register on BDroppy and fill out our form. 
  • Share the benefits of BDroppy with your community, your social pages or wherever you want. 
  • All the people who sign up and place an order through your link will become your referrals and you will receive a 10% commission on all the products they purchase for 12 months.

What do you earn? 

  • Get 10% on all your purchases. 
  • Bring in new subscribers and receive 10% commission on their orders. 
  • Earn on every single sale they make for 12 months.

What do your subscribers earn? 

  • Direct access to thousands of original fashion products from over 120 brands, discounted up to 80%. 
  • 10% cashback on every purchase they make with your link.


If you are a website owner, blogger, online marketer, or simply love BDroppy and designer fashion, our affiliate program is definitely for you!

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