DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – The best website builders for dropshipping in 2022.

How to improve your online sales with the best website builders.

A few years ago it was impossible to think of being able to build a website or an e-commerce website without basic programming and computer knowledge, but today you can choose to rely on a website builder.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a tool that allows you to create and design your own website without the need for programming knowledge. You can do everything by yourself, without the need to contact a web designer or a developer, as thanks to the drag-and-drop function, you can build your e-commerce from scratch, modify one of the templates available that is the most similar to your shop and start selling.

There are online and offline website builders, the latter will need to be downloaded to your computer to be used, for this reason we recommend that you rely on an online website builder to build your dropshipping e-commerce.

All of these tools are designed to be easy to use; they are ideal for both inexperienced designers and industry professionals.

Using a website builder is easy: you start by choosing the model that best suits your business and, thanks to the editor and the drag-and-drop function, you can build your site according to your needs. It is really simple, in fact by “drag and drop function” we mean the ability to select the components and/or content of your interest by dragging it to the work area.

Why would you use a website builder?

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s much cheaper than having to hire a programmer.
  • It’s easy to make changes and updates to your e-commerce instantly.
  • It does not require any code knowledge.
  • In no time you can be online with your shop.
  • Thanks to our integrations you can immediately sell in dropshipping, without the need to physically own the goods.

The 5 website builders you need to consider for your dropshipping shop.

You must’ve searched on the internet what could be the most suitable website builder for you and you must’ve come across the contents of companies trying to convince you that their tool is the most effective and functional. Well, you won’t find this kind of content here.

In recent years we have had the opportunity to work and get to know all the website builders on the market and today we will tell you the 5 best website builders for dropshipping:

Wix is ​​the easiest-to-use website builder on the market, offers you over 800 customizable templates and is one of the most popular. To start experimenting with this tool, you have the option of using a free plan with no time limit, while the paid plans range from $ 16 to $ 59 per month.
Obviously there are many plugins available to expand the performance of your shop, such as our integration to sell in dropshipping in just a few minutes.

Squarespace is a more sophisticated website builder than Wix, but it has a lot to offer if you’re a creative or want a fully customizable shop.
It is not the easiest builder to use on the market, you will need time and a little more effort to get used to this tool.
The best designers use this tool, especially because it offers excellent customization for blogs, excellent integrated features, UX, refined and modern designs.
We recommend it mainly to those with a creative soul. The cost ranges from $ 16 to $ 49 per month, and unfortunately, integrations are limited. But not for us! In fact, if you want to open your dropshipping e-commerce with Squarespace you can use our integration in 5 minutes.

One of the top players on the market, since 2006 it has been helping individuals to create websites that are perfect for their needs and offers a high level of customization, an ultra-secure system and continuous, totally automatic updates. Shopify also offers you the option to activate a free 14-day plan without the need to enter a credit card. After the trial period, you can choose to continue with a basic profile for $ 29, up to more expensive plans such as $ 299 per month.

If you don’t know Ecwid yet you definitely need to fix it. This website builder is specially designed to offer you the possibility to build your shop in an autonomous and customizable way starting from a completely free plan.
The most interesting features are the ability to manage your shop directly from your smartphone and have a multilingual shop easily and totally free.

You may have heard of GoDaddy as a domain provider, but it also offers its users a quick and easy website builder. Exactly, its plus is the speed which allows you to create your shop or website and be immediately online.
The cons are that this great speed does not let you customize your shop much, but if you prefer minimal and simple graphics it can certainly be for you.

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