DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Valentine’s Day: 5 winning strategies + the 5 best products to sell online on your e-commerce.

Valentine's Day: 5 Strategies and 5 top products to sell online

$ 21.8 billion… This is what people spent on Valentine’s Day gifts in 2021; in fact, after Black Friday, this is considered the most important commercial holiday.

Can we talk about Valentine’s Day marketing in 2022? Of course, the trick is to make different marketing techniques work in synergy for a single goal: to maximize your online sales during Valentine’s Day.

With this article, we want to give you 5 tips to increase the profits of your dropshipping business thanks to this commercial celebration and suggest the best dropshipping products to sell on your online shop.

5 winning strategies to maximize your earnings on Valentine’s Day

1) Optimize your e-commerce.

Every true dropshipper has an online shop optimized for mobile shopping, but if you’ve always put off this technical fix, it’s time to face it.

To date, most consumers buy online on smartphones; a smooth and easy mobile shopping experience will significantly reduce the percentage of abandoned carts in your shop.

Optimizing your e-commerce for Valentine’s Day also means creating content suitable for this day. Offer your customer a guide to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, make a selection of your best products and maybe create a landing page for this special occasion. Also remember that everyone loves to save, so start working out Valentine’s Day promotions to boost your dropshipping business.

2) Use e-mail marketing.

Your database is a precious treasure: use this resource intelligently, be ahead of the game and don’t be trivial.

Newsletters have a fast track and most of the time customers already know you, but maybe they don’t know that you will give them the gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Your aim is to make them understand it in a smart way.

Active promotions and shipping times should always be present in your emails to ensure that the product arrives in time for Valentine’s Day.

Your customers have a need: finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Offer to help them solve their problem, perhaps presenting a selection of your products suitable as a gift “for her” and “for him”.

3) Get romantic.

Display Valentine’s Day in your communications: your Instagram feed, newsletters and even some sections of your site can be characterized by the colors of love and hearts. But nobody prevents you from being original and creating your own version of Valentine’s Day, by spreading it on all the online and offline materials of your brand.

Having red packaging for Valentine’s Day gifts is great, but if you have a dropshipping business you won’t be handling the shipping. An excellent alternative could be to simply email romantic cards to customers who have made a purchase so that they can print them to go with their Valentine’s Day gift.

4) Pamper your customers.

Why not take advantage of this occasion to reward your most loyal customers, perhaps with an exclusive discount code or a gift?

Don’t spare: often offering free shipping during these holidays will cause your earnings to multiply. Make your customers feel unique and pampered, offer them your assistance even when choosing gifts, there is no better opportunity to build customer loyalty.

Giving your customers the right attention will make the difference between your way of dropshipping and all the other people who take this path.

5) Remember the latecomers.

It must’ve happened to you too: you were close to a special occasion and didn’t buy any gift, at that point you were willing to do anything to find a solution, without sparing any expense. So, also on this occasion, don’t forget about the latecomers. You could offer super-fast shipping to those who spend more than a certain amount, so your earnings will increase. Another strategy that never goes out of fashion is that of digital gift cards, perhaps customizable or with a Valentine’s Day theme.

The best 5 products to sell online on your e-commerce for Valentine’s Day

At this point, you must have grasped the great potential that lies behind Valentine’s Day celebration. Discover with us the products that cannot be missing in your shop if you want to grow your dropshipping business thanks to Valentine’s Day:

Flowers and sweets. It is the most classic gift that never goes out of style, but maybe you could find new earning opportunities thanks to some features of those products. Stabilized flowers or special candies, for example.

Designer clothing. Showing your love with a quality t-shirt is a very common gesture. Often a designer garment is synonymous with quality and reliability; such products surely make perfect gifts. Seize this trend and please your customers with products from top brands!

Remember to choose a reliable supplier, who guarantees you only original and quality products.

Fashion accessories. Even when we talk about fashion accessories, we must remember that what we said about designer clothing remains valid. A well-known brand is synonymous with quality and reliability, this will make your sales marketing and customer satisfaction easier. The best-selling fashion accessories are: men’s shoes and women’s shoes, women’s bags, men’s belts and wallets.

Jewelry. A diamond is forever, why not give it as a Valentine’s Day gift? You could include a selection of themed jewels in your catalog; it will not be necessary to have high jewelry products, but of good quality and with a dose of elegance.

Cosmetics and body care. Body care products never lose their position and are confirmed as one of the most purchased gifts even during Valentine’s Day, for both men and women.

We are confident that, by using the right mix of strategies through your marketing channels and reselling the most requested products, you will be able to acquire new customers and retain those who already buy on your ecommerce dropshipping.

Also remember that Valentine’s Day is the day that speaks of love and does not always have to be related to couples only. Your customers love their friends, their family, themselves and often their pets too; ride the wave of love and take advantage of all the opportunities created by your customers’ emotions to increase the earnings of your dropshipping business, regardless of their sentimental situation.