DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – The evolution of dropshipping in 2022: discover BSocial by BDroppy.

Sell designer fashion on your social networks with BDroppy

Start making money thanks to your community: with BDroppy you can sell the best fashion brands in dropshipping with just one click!

Become truly social and find out how you can make money by working online, without owning an ecommerce, warehouse or shop. You won’t have to worry about shipping either… not bad, right?

BDroppy, thanks to the new BSocial integration, is the only platform that allows you to do all this quickly and easily, within reach of your smartphone.

What is BSocial?

It is a new integration, which allows you to resell all our designer fashion products, only thanks to a synchronization. You won’t need specific technical skills and, above all, it won’t be necessary to build an e-commerce.

You can start selling our products directly on your social networks and, as you well know, social platforms are free places, so you can start your online business with a minimal investment.

Do you want to find out how to do it? Watch this short video; in a few seconds you will understand that it is really easy to start making money thanks to BSocial:

5 “wow” things you need to know about BDroppy’s BSocial:

1. Mobile friendly
BSocial is the first integration designed and built to be used directly from a smartphone. It’s easy to use, because you can work from anywhere and at any time, only thanks to your phone, but also perfect for your customers because the clean and simple interface will make the shopping experience truly unique and fast.

2. Share with a click
Do you have lots of friends? Have you lost track of the WhatsApp groups you’re in? Perfect, with just one click you can share a product you want to sell on the chats, your friends will surely appreciate your advice for purchases.
Are you a social-media wizard and not a day goes by without updating your community with stories on Facebook or Instagram? BSocial is for you, you can share the products of our catalog that you like the most, directly on your social profiles. Have you ever thought that you could make money with a link in a story or a post on your profile?

3. Zero technical skills
You don’t need special technical skills, you won’t have to build your ecommerce from scratch because you simply don’t need that. Social networks are part of our daily life and everyone knows how to use them. You won’t have to contact a programmer or an experienced social media manager because you will work and start earning thanks to your circle of friends.

4. Make money thanks to social media
Research in recent years has increasingly highlighted how users rely on social networks before buying a product online. So you too will understand that selling through social media is as easy as pie. Your opinion will be worth much more than an adv screaming “buy me” in all the languages ​​of the world.

5. Great quality at a small price
An exclusive catalog like that of BDroppy offers you an incredible chance, just choose the products you prefer, add them to your list and then start selling. It will be much easier for you to sell products from major fashion brands that are known all over the world and have built up a reputation for themselves over time.
But whose earnings are they? All yours! We don’t take commissions on products that you’ll be able to sell; the only cost you will have to bear will be that of the BDroppy subscription, which also includes the BSocial integration, as well as many opportunities to start your online business.

Start your dropshipping business looking to the future, make an alternative income online and anticipate all trends.

If you want to know more, visit our website and discover BSocial: the dropshipping social revolution starts now!