DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – The best dropshipping products for 2022

The designer and original fashion trade is a great dropshipping niche in 2022

Anticipate the trends of 2022 and discover the best products to sell in dropshipping.

Do you know that most ecommerce companies fail because they cannot identify the winning products to sell in dropshipping?

Those of you who own an online business know that many market niches are saturated, that is, the supply outstrips the demand, and finding dropshipping products to sell with an interesting profit margin is a difficult and demanding process. The competition is endless and you have to find the right strategy for your dropshipping ecommerce.

In 2022 to emerge in dropshipping you need to make your business unique, follow the latest trends, learn how to promote your shop in an original way, sell quality products and have reliable suppliers to support you.

  1. What are some interesting dropshipping niches in 2022?
  2. Is clothing from major fashion brands a good dropshipping niche?
  3. The best dropshipping products to sell in fashion trade
  4. How to find the right supplier to start your dropshipping fashion business?

What are some interesting dropshipping niches in 2022?

Here are some sales suggestions to make your business successful. Choosing to expand the product range of your online store is an excellent strategy but remember to focus on the right merchandise.

A growing trend for many years is linked to green, users are becoming more and more respectful of the environment, trying to reduce their negative impact on the environment by purchasing gadgets, beauty products, toys and accessories that are environment-friendly.

After a period of forced lockdown, the desire of people to customize their home has grown dramatically in order to feel more and more in harmony with every environment, so you should not underestimate the possibility of selling objects for home decor, people love to surround themselves with cute and fun objects perfect for refreshing their own space.

Everyone will have been looking for gift ideas online at least once in their life, so why not invest your time in finding original gadgets and gifts to put in your online shop?

People like to buy funny items for their friends and family, but make sure you pay close attention to your contents, they need to be very fun and creative.

Technology progresses quickly every day, but one thing that never goes away is the desire for customization: you could start dropshipping smartphone accessories and technological gadgets. The most important thing is to always keep up with new releases and offer something truly unique. People love to decorate their tech items with covers and cases.

Is clothing from major fashion brands a good dropshipping niche?

According to research, global apparel market revenue was valued at $ 1.5 trillion in 2020. By 2025, it is expected to reach $ 2.25 trillion.

The clothing and footwear segment accounted for 24.7% of ecommerce earnings in the last year and is expected to continue to grow steadily over the next few years.

People are buying more and more fashion clothing online because it is extremely beneficial; they can choose the payment method they prefer, they are able to save money compared to physical stores, they have more options on their smartphones, they receive the goods directly at their home and above all the purchase and return process are easier.

If you choose to focus your online shop on the fashion, clothing, shoes and accessories niche, the advantages are countless:

Great demand. As we mentioned earlier, the designer and original clothing niche represents a large cut of the ecommerce market.

High profit margin. High-quality products, made with quality materials and from well-known brands allow you to have a high-profit margin. People are willing to spend their money when they know they will receive a famous clothing brand, often synonymous with quality and reliability.

Easy promotion. The platforms usually used for promotion and to implement your marketing strategies work well for your target audience, and if you sell trending dropshipping products and brands known all over the world, word of mouth will be your best friend.

Numerous products. Once you have identified reliable dropshipping suppliers you will see with your own eyes all the high-quality clothing items, which you can sell on your online shop to get your fashion dropshipping business off the ground.

Upselling and Cross-selling. When a shop sells quality fashion clothing, it is very easy to develop up-selling and cross-selling strategies, for example thanks to online products such as secondary fashion accessories.

The best dropshipping products to sell in fashion trade

If you decide to start your dropshipping business in the fashion niche, remember that one product is not as good as the other and that you will have to do ongoing research to select the best fashion products to resell to your end customers. But the question is “how do I find trending products online?”

There are several methods to find the top products to sell online in your shop, for example you can search through social networks and Google Trends, or by monitoring your main competitors.

Don’t be caught unprepared and discover with us the products that you absolutely must sell on your online shop if you deal with fashion dropshipping.

Designer bags

We are sure that at least once as a customer you bought a bag online, perhaps for yourself or for a gift. Often people look for designer bags outlets online and, if you are a good entrepreneur, you will be able to grasp this trend. Selling bags of big fashion brands has many advantages, for example Michael Kors bags are synonymous with great quality and guarantee you important profit margins. By deciding to dropship designer bags or more generally fashion accessories, the issue of returns will be much easier because requests for size changes will be almost non-existent: an excellent advantage to take into consideration.

Accessories of top fashion brands

As previously mentioned, dropshipping accessories from major fashion brands on your online shop will bring you great benefits. You will be able to exploit the reputation of important brands, thus increasing the value of your ecommerce thanks to brands such as Gucci and Guess.

Furthermore, fashion accessories are often chosen as gifts and relying on a brand known worldwide ensures credibility and reliability.

Designer shoes

Venture into the world of designer fashion thanks to famous brands, offer your customers the opportunity to buy top-quality Adidas sneakers, Nike sports shoes on sale or choose some elegant Made in Italy men’s footwear or women’s fashion pumps.

Remember to offer the right assistance to your customers and guide them in the best possible way during the purchase, the size guide is essential and the photos must best represent the shoes that you are going to sell on your online shop.

Designer fashion clothing

Thanks to designer fashion clothing you will be able to see your turnover grow from month to month, just follow these 5 steps every time you feel the need:

1) Do research and identify trends in advance. Following international beauty influencers will be very useful.

2) Choose only suppliers who resell major original fashion brands in a serious and reliable way.

3) Choose famous brands that stand out for their quality and modernity.

4) Identify evergreen garments that never go out of fashion despite the years, but don’t ignore the trends of the moment.

5) Get into fashion and listen to your customers, they are your main source of information. Finally, dare before others do it for you.

How to find the right supplier to start your dropshipping fashion business?

At this point, you will have to do some research to identify dropshipping suppliers that might be right for you. Remember that a professional supplier always requires registration to see prices and catalogs, has a structured team behind them that can support you during your journey, is always up to date with technologies thanks to online catalogs and automatic catalog synchronization, etc.

When you decide to sell famous fashion brands on your online shop, the reliability of the supplier is in the first place: the internet is full of scams and you will not want to risk selling counterfeit clothing on your ecommerce store with disastrous consequences for your dropshipping business.

Thanks to BDroppy you can safely start dropshipping big fashion brands, having at your side a reliable and professional partner ready to support you in every step you take as an entrepreneur. Start dropshipping online with BDroppy!