DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Dropshipping with Wix: what to know before you start.

Discover the new integration Wix + BDroppy

Wix is ​​a very successful platform for creating websites and ecommerce sites: many freelancers and small companies have already chosen this tool to start their business or to make it digital and efficient. What about you? Have you already considered using it to build your dropshipping shop?

If you have come to read this article, it means that you have decided to go on your own journey with dropshipping and to become your own boss thanks to online sales.

The platforms that help you create your personal online shop are a lot, but what’s best for you?

Find out the pros and cons of building an ecommerce with Wix.

The pros of having a Wix site:

  • It is suitable for those without computer skills.
    You can build your ecommerce in a few simple steps and in total autonomy; you won’t need to delegate the task to a professional in the field, but you’ll be able to manage everything by yourself. It will be ready for use in no time.
  • You have preset layouts with different designs available.
    A base to start is essential, but you can change every little detail as you prefer. Creating pages and connecting them through the drag and drop menu will be really easy.
  • The implementations are internal and native.
    In fact, based on the service you need, you’ll be able to find an application to solve your problem. When you use other platforms, the only way to insert new features on your site is to install plugins that could weigh down and slow down your ecommerce.

The cons of having a Wix site:

  • You have your own domain, but you use the platform’s servers.
    For some, this is an advantage because it’s a very large company and you’ll hardly be able to find anomalies or sudden downs on the site.
  • Pre-built templates sometimes have few possibilities for customization.
    The only solution could be to evaluate the purchase of a template.
  • You will have to pay a monthly subscription if you want to continue using the service and keep your shop online, very often the implementations are to be paid.

How much does selling with Wix cost?

The Wix platform helps you create your own site and therefore your free dropshipping shop. There are no free trials, but you can test the full potential of Wix without limits, coming down to a small compromise: your site will have your name + the word Wix as domain (namewixsite.com). So you can initially create your site for free and then, later, associate your domain.

If you want to immediately subscribe to a Wix Premium package, you should know that the costs are really low and on a monthly basis.

The cost of the packages varies from 10 € per month up to 44 € per month.

To get started, you can choose the most convenient package, as your dropshipping business grows you can upgrade your subscription and have more and more services, such as increasing storage space.

Dropshipping with Wix.

You are not the only one willing to start a dropshipping business, in fact, around 27% of online retailers have decided to focus on this. Fortunately, it is really easy for you to start a dropshipping business in 2022 and, thanks to Wix, your site will be up and running in no time and you can start making money from your couch at home.

Why is dropshipping for you?

Dropshipping is an ecommerce model where you can sell products through your website without actually having to buy the stock upfront and manage it. You’ll lean on a third-party dropshipping supplier who keeps them for you, and when a customer buys an item from your store, the supplier packs and ships it on your behalf.

Our advice is to identify a niche that you know very well and that you are passionate about. Forget about passing trends!

If you are still stuck on the market niche you want to enter, we recommend that you take a look at fashion. This evergreen category operates on cyclical trends, therefore, as long as you offer current products, your shop will never be obsolete.

In addition to this, there are many sub-categories within the fashion industry to choose from: bags, sunglasses, shoes, etc.

Did you know that the new Wix integration is now available on BDroppy?

This means that you’ll be able to dropship online the entire designer fashion catalog directly on your shop, created thanks to the Wix platform.