DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Great news: the integration with Ecwid is here.

Discover the new integration Ecwid + BDroppy

In recent years, e-commerce has spread like wildfire; giving your customers the opportunity to buy products online is now essential to resist as a seller in 2022.

We are sure you will know Shopify or Prestashop very well by now, but have you ever delved into Ecwid?

Ecwid is a platform that allows you to create your e-commerce for selling your products in as many marketplaces as possible. The service allows you to create your online showcase and incorporate it into other platforms.

Today we officially launch our integration with Ecwid, so you’ll be able to connect our catalog to your shop built with this platform in no time. It remains essential for us to offer you more and more choices when it comes to starting a successful online business.

How does Ecwid work?

Will it be the right platform to build your dropshipping business? Well, today you can find that out with us.

Ecwid is a tool to build your online store, it is a “software as a service” product, that is to say, you don’t physically own the software but you pay a monthly fee to use it. It currently operates over 928,000 online stores and this figure is an important marker if we talk about reliability and appreciation from entrepreneurs.

Just like other e-commerce platforms, Ecwid allows you to set up catalogs, add photos, prices, etc. for each item. You can define shipping rates, accept credit card payments, and so on – all of which you’d expect to be able to do using an e-commerce solution.

Ecwid differs from competitors like Shopify, Squarespace, and BigCommerce because it isn’t really designed to allow you to build your e-commerce from scratch, however, there are new features that allow you to build basic pages instantly.

Its potential is designed to allow you to add your online store to an existing website.

Ecwid provides you with a widget that is placed on other sites, i.e. you get a few lines of HTML code to add to an existing website or social media profile, and your store appears wherever you entered this code.

6 reasons why Ecwid is an excellent alternative to Shopify.

1. Free plan.

With Ecwid you always have a free plan where you can start selling your products online without having a pre-existing website or programming skills.

This plan is ideal for you if you are starting out and want to sell a limited number of products by starting to become familiar with the tool, without having to re-enter the canonical 14-day free trial that many platforms offer.

2. Ecwid can be integrated into any platform and has no commissions.

The widget works with all the main website platforms, and if you already have an ecommerce this might be the right choice for you! There are also no transaction fees, so the money stays in your pocket. On the contrary, other platforms provide commissions of up to 2% for each purchase made on your shop through external payment methods.

3. It has some interesting original features.

It surely already happened to you to install plug-ins in your online shop to implement specific functions, such as automatic emails to recover cart abandonment. The main problem is that these integrations often slow down the loading of your site at the expense of performance and possible sales.

Ecwid has many tools integrated into its toolkit, which are useful for increasing the sales of your e-commerce.

For example, from the platform, you can advertise on Snapchat and Pinterest, integrate advanced filters on your catalog, create a funnel to recover abandoned carts, make intelligent upsells to increase average spending, etc.

4. Smartphone proof.

Surely the idea of ​​working wherever you want is one of the main reasons that prompted you to consider the idea of ​​opening a dropshipping business, but if you need a computer, a socket and a stable connection anyway, this is not as smart a job as they say. Yet with the app created by Ecwid you can manage your dropshipping shop directly from your smartphone and control your shop at any time and carry out all the small routine operations quickly and easily.

Furthermore, each layout has been designed to work from mobile; the design of each editable template is created to simplify smartphone shopping as much as possible.

5. Your free multilingual ecommerce.

Ecwid, through localization, understands the language and immediately makes your shop international.

You have up to 50 languages ​​available and your shop will not be burdened as it will not be necessary to install external integrations to make your ecommerce multilingual.

6. Don’t you know how to program an ecommerce? No problem!

Just because you don’t know how to code doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to customize your shop. Through Ecwid, you can make your business unique thanks to its online presence. Choose from more than 70 professionally designed themes and you can modify them as you wish, through a simple and intuitive-to-use interface.

From today you can finally add an incredible tool like Ecwid to our BDroppy catalog, to start selling designer fashion without worrying about shipping and without having to anticipate the purchase of the goods!

You will have all the tools to get started, taking advantage of a simple and intuitive platform also thanks to the integration with Ecwid: discover all the apps and integrations available to start your dropshipping sale on any channel you want.