Customer Stories – Marica Durante and Francesco Di Matteo, owners of Modamarifashion

Customer Stories Modamarifashion

BDroppy was born from the decades-long experience of Brandsdistribution Group in the e-commerce sector, to meet the needs of those who want to grow their online business by reselling great fashion brands, without warehouse risks.

We had a chat with Marica Durante and Francesco Di Matteo, owners of the online store Modamarifashion.


When did you launch your fashion e-commerce and what prompted you to sell online?

We have years of experience in online sales with very good results, although not in this sector.

We wanted to start selling famous fashion brands, but unfortunately, we didn’t have too many opportunities nor the right knowledge. That’s why when we discovered BDroppy, we realized that we could make our big wish come true and start selling designer fashion items.

It certainly takes a lot of time and dedication, and you shouldn’t be discouraged if things don’t go as you’d like at first: at the moment we have 3,000 real followers on Facebook and we hope that our customers will grow more and more!

Why did you choose BDroppy? Describe what convinced you to entrust yourself to us.

Personally, I consider BDroppy to be a serious and reliable partner, which I believe is essential for starting this type of business. I feel safe in having a serious company with original and high-quality items, also because I have to give impeccable assistance to my customers.

In the two months during which we’ve been working with you, trying out your services, we had some small technical problems that BDroppy solved brilliantly, providing us with all the assistance we needed, which I consider very important.

How do you rate your experience with the service?

Our experience with BDroppy is very positive, even if there’s always room for improvement. BDroppy has given me everything I need to be able to sell major designer fashion brands online. Clearly, I know that the world of online sales is a jungle and will get bigger and bigger, but we are getting ready for that, also thanks to BDroppy.

What products or brands have been most successful in your store? What are your best-sellers?

We’re selling a little of everything, the assortment is really wide, but perhaps the item we are selling best at the moment is bags. Of course, there are always new arrivals on BDroppy, so I hope the sales will get better and better!

What results do you aspire to achieve in the next six months with your business?

First of all, I hope to soon recover the investment I made to start my site with BDroppy, after which the main goal is to sell a lot of course.

We know perfectly well that the volume of sales depends on many factors, but the important thing is to have a reliable partner behind you who can help you run your business and solve any problems that may arise.

What does it mean for you to have a supplier like BDroppy?

We have been working with you for a few months but have been following you for a couple of years. We can say that you are a serious and reliable company and I hope our collaboration will bring great results!

So far, we have activated a one-year subscription and we really hope that our partnership can continue for many more years!

Check out BDroppy online and start selling the top brands from our catalogue with us!