DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Discover Live Video Streaming: the new revolutionary way of selling online

Selling online - discover the new trend of live video streaming

Live video streaming is the new revolutionary way of selling online that you need for your marketing strategy. If you have never tried it, keep reading and discover a whole new way of dropship successfully!

What is Live Video Streaming? It consists of selling in real time during a live stream on social networks or other platforms. During the video, products are shown and customers can ask questions in real time or buy the product.

How can you successfully use it for your online designer fashion dropshipping business?

  1. stream new product launches
    advertise the launch of new fashion products live, it is one of the best ways to boost sales and that kind of video is always interesting, especially if the product is presented by a personality.
  2. use teasers and notifications
    before the live event, notify your customers about it. Advertise the event on your social platforms, using teaser images or videos and counters.
  3. offer special discounts
    during the event, offer some special discounts to the viewers who will take advantage of a “buy now” offer, dedicated to those who decide to buy within the end of the video.
  4. live competitions
    want to make a special offer but spicing it up? Organize a live competition or an auction! Use a quiz or give a prize to the first commenter, giving them a free product or a huge discount.
  5. create webinars
    if you have great content and there’s a lot of demand for it, go live with a webinar! Webinars though require some preparation so make sure it’s worth it.
  6. use different platforms
    when you go live, go big! Don’t limit yourself to just one platform but use all those you have at your disposal. Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Facebook Live are the main ones, but check out Twitch, Periscope and Live Stream too.

Video contents add FOMO (Fear of Missing out) and interactions to your static contents: people don’t like to be left out of things and they love to be able to take active part in video sessions.  People also want to see your live videos rather than reading your posts, as it’s quicker and less time-consuming and allows for better interactions.

When preparing for a Live Video Streaming, keep in mind these steps, that will help you organize your thoughts:

  • your goals: keep in mind what your objective is and focus on that
  • the title is important: try to think about a catchy title that your viewers would think it’s a unique chance for them
  • advertise the event: make sure your audience knows about this session and promote it on your social media
  • focus on content and time: concentrate on your meaningful content and the time it will take for you to talk about it, so that your webinar is not too long but exhaustive.

Have you ever streamed your contents live for your activity?

Think about how profitable it could be for your dropshipping e-commerce and your online sales, as it is a wonderful way to reach your audience in a less formal and more intimate way.

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