DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Brand community: what it is and how to build a successful one.

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If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your brand and have a better dialogue with your customers, you can start by creating a community connected to your brand.

Brand communities bring together your most loyal customers in one place, which is a big win for you because it means your users feel very connected to your service or products.

To help you better understand what a community is, why it’s so crucial to your business, and how to build a successful one, we’ve put together this quick guide:

Why should you build your community?

It’s important to understand that your brand community already exists on social media. Your task is to find it, connect directly with it and create a strategy to allow people within it to interact with each other.

Your brand community is a powerful business tool, that you must exploit to gain profit.

Imagine you have a group of people who regularly use your product or service that you can target. Thanks to this group, you can test new product prototypes, share blog content and gather some general feedback for improving your shop.

Because community can help your brand make customer-oriented decisions and spread your business, be sure to build a strong community that always thrives and rewards users.

3 steps to build your community.

Surely you already have many customers who love your brand. Now your job is to gather them together and create a space where conversation and emotional growth are facilitated.

Building a successful community can have several paths and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. However, we’ll guide you through some essential steps that can help you determine the best community for your brand:

1. Define your brand.

If you want to build a community around your brand, you must know your brand personality well. This goes beyond what your company sells or offers.

What’s your mission? What are the corporate values? What does your brand want to do? How’s the tone of voice you’re using? Who are you trying to help? What do you want to be known for?

All these aspects are very important to be defined before building a community.

2. Define your brand objective and metrics.

As mentioned earlier, brand communities are a way to make decisions based on customer feedback and spread the word about your business. But you should ask yourself many questions before creating a brand community.

What is the purpose of the community? Are you answering people’s questions? What are you doing so that your community members stay engaged? How are you measuring the success of your brand community?

Once you set these goals and metrics, the next step will be easier to manage.

3. Choose a platform to build your community.

There are several options when it comes to creating the base for a community.

We recommend using social media, more specifically, creating your community through a closed group.

However, you can start by using your brand’s Instagram stories to communicate regularly with your audience, answering questions and having your followers vote on which potential products to sell in your shop.

Communities can also be created using a hashtag: reposting your community content will build loyalty over time and give your brand a feeling of authenticity.

The last option is the opportunity to create closed or open groups where you can offer benefits and talk to your community 1-on-1. That’s exactly what we did, leveraging Facebook and Telegram to create an intimate space to talk and engage with our most loyal customers.

What about you? Are you already taking advantage of your community to grow your business?