DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Enhance your social media presence for Black Friday 2022!

Follow our tips on how to improve your social strategy during Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday and in recent years it’s become very popular worldwide. It’s an important occasion for both online ecommerce and physical stores and remains one of the favorite times to generate revenue and increase brand awareness.

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If you’re planning on growing your business during this Black Friday 2022, you’d better prepare the correct strategies for your social channels and in this post, we’d like to give you some tips to help you improve the social side of your brand.

  1. Focus on the most profitable channels for your business.
  2. Invest in social media advertising.
  3. Offer free or discounted shipping.
  4. Advertise your Black Friday promotional sales with videos.
  5. Advertise your Black Friday promotional sales with creative posts on social media.

1 . Focus on the most profitable channels for your business.

If you’re already using social media to communicate your business, you know well that every platform works differently. The performance of a platform for your business depends on your field, the demographic range of your target audience, and more. Instagram for instance tends to be a better choice than Facebook for companies trying to reach a younger audience.

If you want your Black Friday sales to reach astronomical levels this year, you must concentrate your efforts on the best platforms for your business. This is especially important if you are short on time and have to choose between multiple social networks. The easiest way to do so is to look for your target audience and discover which platforms they’re more active on. If your Instagram profile is going well, bet on this social network.

2 . Invest in social media advertising.

Think about allocating a part of your monthly budget to advertising on social media. Social platforms are one of the few places left where you cannot block ads, then you can reach your potential customers more easily.

In this case too, invest in a social network where your target audience is more active and focus on the content you’re going to advertise.

3 . Offer free or discounted shipping.

According to recent studies, one of the main reasons why people avoid buying online is high shipping fees. If you hope to increase your ecommerce sales this year, you have to remove this barrier for your customers. One way to do so is by offering your customers free shipping for a limited time. This will encourage them to make a purchase soon!

If it’s not possible to offer free shipping, you can still offer your customers a discount code on the shipping: advertise that on social media.

This could be a great solution to retrieve abandoned carts.

4 . Advertise your Black Friday promotional sales with videos.

Whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, the creation and distribution of video content is a marvelous way to support your social media marketing efforts. Not only do videos imply a bigger involvement than static images, but they’re also one of the best available tools to increase conversions and generate leads. They represent 65% of all ad impressions on Instagram. We suggest you include videos in your social media marketing strategy.

5. Advertise your Black Friday promotional sales with creative posts on social media.

One of the best ways to involve your customers during Black Friday is by adding some creativity to your social media posts! You can add a touch of humor in captions or share some captivating sales-related drawings. The idea is to create hype in the days prior to Black Friday and to keep people informed about your fantastic offers.

Try to share some videos on Instagram Stories or TikTok to increase awareness of your promotional Black Friday sales. Make sure you post regularly so that your customers do not run out of enthusiasm before Black Friday. One way to remember to post on social media is to schedule posts beforehand.

Also, don’t forget to create a specific hashtag for your Black Friday offers and publish it regularly so that your customers can easily find your content.

Keep in mind that not all posts must be about your sales. Your Instagram feed should have a mix of both photos of promotional items and some lifestyle content. The more variety, the better. Make sure that all of your photos are related to your brand’s main identity!

Black Friday is an amazing opportunity to earn for companies of all sizes.

With our 5 tips on how to manage social media during Black Friday, you should be able to give your best and start working hard also for your Christmas sales!

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