DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How’s Black Friday going to help your e-commerce?

For all those who have an e-store, the hottest time of the year is of course the approaching Black Friday period.

Born in the U.S., the event is becoming increasingly popular in the rest of the world as well and every year records more staggering figures for all sellers. Started as a single day of crazy discounts, Black Friday, the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving, over time extended until the following Monday, or Cyber ​​Monday, to gradually include the entire week, becoming a true “Black Week” or in some cases even a “Black November”.

This year it will take place between Sunday 23rd November until Cyber ​​Monday on Monday 30th November. And it is essential (especially this year!) for sellers to participate, in order to make up for the losses due to Covid-19 in the current year. In fact, a good percentage of online sales are made during this period and in 2020 holiday shopping will be more virtual than ever, due to the period of extreme uncertainty and possible lockdowns always around the corner.

Marketing strategies are all about tempting discounts in view of Christmas. The two most important things for Black Friday are:

  • being there
  • being there in the best possible way

So make sure you prepare your e-shop for Black Friday! The main categories which will benefit from discounts are of course the electronic one but also accessories and clothing, so don’t get caught unprepared!

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