DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to successfully use Pinterest for your business?

With its 300 million active users each month, Pinterest is another social network which can be very interesting for those promoting or selling fashion online. It is often underestimated but has great potential.

But what is Pinterest and how does it work?

  • It is a platform which allows users to get in touch with friends and influencers through a visual search engine.
  • Pinterest’s users (the “pinners”) turn to it to look for ideas and inspiration. It allows them to gather and organise photos and documents according to contents, by adding a “pin” to an image thus adding it to a board.
  • Once you register (for free), Pinterest will show you some contents that you can save and you can create boards with a title of your choice or one proposed by the website. 
  • You can search for contents using specific words and then add your favourite ones to your board(s) or you can create a new one by uploading your photos and documents.

What are the advantages of this platform for your business?

It represents a huge opportunity to broaden your brands’ influence. By publishing your own content you can reach a wider audience which is really interested in what you are offering, thus making it more likely to convert them into customers. Remember that, like for other social networks, the perfect timing to share content is during the evening/night and on weekends.

To promote your products, the best way is by using Shop tabs, so that your customers can buy directly from there without having to switch to your website. And of course you can promote your best pins to grow traffic and clicks.

What are our main tips to successfully sell on Pinterest?

  1. Offer discounts
    Promoting and advertising on Pinterest is a great way to increase traffic but perhaps with a discount coupon can actually translate into purchases.
  2. Create interesting boards
    Don’t create only boards with your products, but try to diversify, so that your Pinterest page can grow and attract more users.
  3. Use relevant keywords
    Make the most out of your descriptions and boards by using the correct words through SEO optimisation.
  4. Interact
    Like for other channels, it is fundamental that you interact with other users so that you can grow your audience.
  5. Plan ahead
    Remember to schedule and plan ahead what to publish before starting to use the platform.

We really hope these tips can be useful for your online business with BDroppy!