DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to start your online business in fashion.

Sell fashion online and be successful

Have you decided to start your own online clothing store? This choice of yours doesn’t surprise us, as online clothing stores are one of the most popular ecommerce niches. According to statistics, the online potential of the fashion industry will collect over $ 1 trillion by 2025.

Today, opening up to online trade is a choice that many people like you decide to undertake, that’s because it could be an excellent business opportunity to initially increase your income, later turning it into your main source of income.

Launching a successful online fashion store won’t be as expensive as opening a physical store on the street, plus the timelines for starting your online business are considerably more streamlined and with less bureaucracy, which means you can start earning right away.

Selling fashion in dropshipping vs creating a fashion brand from scratch.

At this point you will have ascertained that selling fashion online could boost your earnings, but there isn’t a single way to make money online thanks to the fashion niche.

For example, you could decide to create your own fashion brand from scratch, but be aware that it is a very complex road for the following reasons:

  • The business plan. You have to study a financial plan for at least the first 5 years. If you don’t start earning by this time, you will need to seriously consider other job options or review your business plan.
  • The costs. At first you’ll only be able to produce a few pieces, so you’ll have higher costs than the big brands that produce large quantities, this means that you will not be able to be competitive on the market.
  • Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Why should customers choose you in a saturated market, among thousands of fast fashion brands or luxury brands? How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else? Maybe in the use of particular materials or you have studied an innovative design or you have invented a product that meets the specific needs of a particular clientele.
  • Marketing. After having done a great job with branding, the real secret will be to develop an excellent widespread marketing strategy, thanks to the material created ad hoc.
  • Distribution. Since your brand is new, you will have to use all your knowledge to start its diffusion, perhaps by relying on some physical store or opening a pop-up store in your city.

If, on the other hand, you want to open up to selling fashion online, but you don’t have the skills of a fashion designer and you want to start earning immediately, dropshipping could be right for you since you don’t have to start from scratch to sell fashion online. The idea of ​​undertaking this kind of online business is very common and satisfies all those who want a business model that allows them to earn thanks to a small initial investment.

Do you know how dropshipping works?

A customer orders from your online store and your dropshipping supplier receives the order, packages and ships the customer’s order directly to the customer on your behalf.

As you probably understand, the products you advertise and sell online are stored in your supplier’s warehouse, so you don’t have to worry about anything nor deal with inventory.

In short, you will only have to manage customer support and marketing.

Thanks to BDroppy, you will have access to exclusive fashion brands, you can sell them on your online shop in total autonomy, paying a simple monthly or annual fee. Yes, you got it right! With us you have no commissions on sales, the margin you decide to apply to the goods will be your 100% profit.

The main advantage of selling well-known brands such as Nike or Gucci is that you don’t have to do a huge branding job, as these famous brands already have an excellent reputation and are often synonymous with quality and reliability.

You will also be facilitated in your marketing operations, in fact if you decide to start your dropshipping business with BDroppy, you will have a lot of material available, i.e. professional photographic material, to be used on your social media and for your adv campaigns.

Don’t you know how to create an ecommerce store on your own? Don’t worry, you won’t have to invest time and money to find the right web designer for you, we offer you the possibility of having a turnkey website, with our fashion catalog already installed.

6 tips and strategies to adopt to start selling right away.

Define your image.

Create your own unique identity and make your way into a market that is crowded but full of potential. It’s not just a question of designing a logo, but of defining a tone of voice and an image that is consistent with your values ​​and with what you want to convey.

Find a niche in the market.

The competition is very high, finding a market niche to focus on can help you direct your energy towards a target that is actually interested in your products. For example, the luxury sector in fashion has never experienced a decline in sales.

Never forget returns.

Try to limit the possibilities of a return. Encourage your customers to view the size charts, offer them online style advice or to choose the most suitable garment for them, in short, develop strategies to avoid returns that would make you lose interesting earnings.

Insert professional photos on your ecommerce that truthfully reflect the product.

Suggest complementary products.

Clothing is one of the sectors that best suits upselling and cross-selling strategies, which consist of suggesting items that are superior or complementary to those purchased by customers to increase the average order value. For example, you can suggest to your customer who has a pair of trousers in their shopping cart to buy a matching belt.

Write effective descriptions.

Describe your outfit at best: in that moment it is as if you are presenting the fabric, texture, color and shape to someone who cannot touch the garment firsthand. Writing effective product descriptions that are able to excite is essential to convince people to complete the order on your online shop.

Work on social media.

Your marketing strategy for selling clothes online cannot neglect social media. Here people find the best trends and above all they look for shops to buy their clothes. If you are particularly confident about writing, consider starting a blog to attract your customers. A structured editorial plan is the best thing to do.
Don’t wait until tomorrow, start your successful online fashion business today. Start selling exclusive fashion brands in your personal shop, thanks to BDroppy.