DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to sell during Amazon Prime Day 2022

Prepare for Amazon Prime Day.

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day?

It’s official! Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day will take place on July 12th and 13th, 2022.

Indeed, it’s a great opportunity to make money thanks to your dropshipping business on Amazon.

If you haven’t considered expanding your online dropshipping business on Amazon yet, we recommend that you read our article where we talk about the pros and cons of dropshipping on Amazon.

All Amazon Prime customers are getting ready for big discounts, mainly on the most requested products. Surely it is one of the most favorable days to increase your earnings on Amazon, between 2018 and 2019 alone, sales increased by 3 billion, which is more than the totality of 2017 sales.

How to get ready for Amazon Prime Day 2022?

It is never too early to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2022, but you are probably wondering what the most correct methodologies to make the most of this online event and bring out your shop are.

Well, not everyone has the opportunity to participate in Amazon’s Prime Day, indeed your shop must comply with certain requirements imposed by the platform; they are also very strict on the discounts to be applied to the products. On this page, you will find all the information provided by Amazon.

For example, some minimum requirements for suppliers are:

  • Average rating of customer reviews of at least 3 stars.
  • The discounted price is at least 20% off the current price.
  • The discounted price is at least 5% lower than the lowest price in the last 28 days.
  • Offering the lowest price on January 1st.

1. Create flash offers on your products.

Analyze the competition and your catalog: you could create an offer for your products that perform better, or those where you have more competition, or those that you can’t sell. You decide the best strategy for your dropshipping shop, but remember that it is the concept of a temporary offer that makes your products more attractive.

This is the first option to favor, but it is feasible only if you are eligible with your Amazon shop to participate in Prime Day.

2. Create coupons.

Select the most suitable products and create a limited number of coupons, so when customers end up on your product they will immediately discover that they have the opportunity to purchase this item at a discounted price, applying the coupon you have made available to them.

This way, you can check and take into account the limited number of products you want to sell at a lower cost than usual.

In this case, the application of coupons on your products is always feasible, even if you don’t take part in Amazon Prime Day, yet you will still be in line with the offers and discounts available on the famous marketplace. It’s not uncommon for customers to browse the platform and naturally switch from discounted products to products that do not adhere to Amazon Prime Day, but in this way users will still be attracted by the discounts of your shop.

Note: The coupon will only become active two days after creating it. Set a reminder so you don’t forget to create your discounts on time.

To take advantage of the shopping frenzy during Prime Day you may be tempted to discount products that perform poorly, but our advice is not to.

If you apply this strategy, you can see your earnings increase in the short term, but not in the long term. Amazon Prime Day is not a magic wand that will save your business, but rather, you will have to take advantage of this event together with your marketing strategy. Choose to optimize the sale of your products with good performance, they will receive much more visibility and sell better, thus increasing your ROI and improving your sales ranking on Amazon.

5 tips to improve your Amazon listings thanks to SEO

An optimized product sheet is essential for selling more on Amazon. These 5 tips will be useful for you to emerge during Prime Day, but not only that: Amazon’s algorithm will reward you in the long run.

1. Do preliminary research on keywords.

When a customer looks for a specific product, they will enter keywords in the Amazon search bar which will then be matched to the search terms, so it’s easy to imagine that if you, the seller, use these words in your product description, it will be easier for you to be associated with a specific search key. This will improve the visibility and consequently the sales of your product.

If Amazon thinks your product matches a search term, it will rank you higher.

Finding the right keywords for your product listing is crucial, relevance will depend on the title, bullet points and description of your product.

2. Structure your product title.

Amazon customers generally type what they are looking for in the search bar rather than finding it in the product category menus, so when you optimize the product always start with the title which will be fundamental for your positioning.

Using the right combination of keywords to improve your listing’s relevance will improve your discoverability.

Amazon’s algorithm prefers long keywords (three or more words).

3. Optimization of product descriptions and details.

Product descriptions are another opportunity to compose text using highly relevant keywords to boost your rankings.

Optimize based on what your target is looking for, keeping a description concise, readable and not overly filled with keywords.

Use this section to prevent potential customer questions and concerns.

Don’t use the manufacturer’s default descriptions, this can lead to duplicate content which can negatively impact your ranking.

4. Including images and videos.

Images and videos can greatly improve the positioning of your products on Amazon, but to emerge you have to respect some rules that the platform itself imposes. Your product sheet must have:

  • Five clear images per list.
  • The accepted formats are JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF.
  • Rename the file in a manner consistent with the product.
  • Optimize images for mobile devices.
  • Include alt text thanks to keywords.
  • Inserting short videos will improve your ranking.

The optimization of images and videos contributes substantially to the increase of your conversions on Amazon, but it has also been shown to improve the perception that the customer has of you, in fact 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product through videos enriched with demonstrations product, tutorial, customer reviews or company history.

5. Involve your customers.

Interact with your potential customers. Amazon allows you to speak and answer their questions and concerns directly in the “questions and answers” ​​section and in the reviews.

How can your customers improve your position on Amazon?

First of all, the questions and answers and reviews are an excellent opportunity to insert new keywords that increase the relevance and positioning of your product.

Furthermore, during the reviews customers often upload photos and videos of the product they received at home, you can encourage this type of business thanks to discount codes.

Keep in mind that in every situation positive reviews are consumer-generated content and will naturally help you increase conversions significantly. People want to read other shoppers’ experiences before making a purchase, and are more likely to trust a brand with a high number of positive reviews. More conversions mean more sales, more sales means better ranking.

What is the sector that gets the most earnings thanks to Amazon Prime Day?

One thing you need to know is that the most successful sectors during Amazon Prime Day are fashion and beauty.

About 94% of people surveyed revealed that they will shop on Prime Day to get a gift for themselves and about 42% will look for clothing, so this is the perfect opportunity to increase your sales!

Here we talked in depth about how during Amazon Prime Day, fashion is in pole position!

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