How to run a successful WooCommerce shop in 2021?

Having an online activity means trying to get as much traffic and conversions as possible, but it’s not that easy. It is a common challenge with online businesses and it’s not easy to identify the causes why someone doesn’t convert into a buying customer.

But there are a few things you can do on your WooCommerce website in order to improve your conversion rate:

  1. The importance of asking “Why?”
    Not all companies can answer this question, but identifying your “Why” can really benefit your strategy, content and your working pattern. Why do people interested in your products not convert? You can start by revising your shipping options, pricing, and user experience.
  2. Learn from your experience as a user
    Now you should go deeper. Identify behavioral patterns that prevent your visitors from completing a purchase, you might increase your store’s conversion rate and improve the overall user experience.
    Analyzing the processes is very time-consuming, but it gives you a real case study and efficient results.
  3. Shipping, shipping, shipping
    The price of shipping (and the delivery date) can change everything in the eyes of a potential customer. Try to arrange a great deal with your shipping company and make sure that this information is clear for your visitors since the very beginning.
  4. Offer a few delivery options
    When it comes to shipping, the delivery time is important, as sometimes urgency is more important than the price! Provide a same day delivery service, if available. Show your best price early in the process and offer different delivery options at the checkout.
  5. Live chat
    Make it easy for your visitors to quickly get in touch with you via online chat.
    Nobody likes to wait for 24h to receive an email or stay on the phone for an unknown period of time. Customers want immediate answers!
  6. Create urgency
    Try to create a sense of urgency to convince your users to purchase straight away. Needless to say, your promo should be credible and real! If you aim at building a long-term business, fake promotions are something you want to avoid.
  7. Show useful information on your checkout page
    People want to know that there’s support when needed or that a not-so-popular brand is not fake. For example you might be interested in providing a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  8. Allow people to create wishlists
    The possibility to create wishlists is a nice feature for your customers as it lets them save items they like without worrying about adding them to the shopping cart.
    Think about whether you want to ask your visitors to register before creating one or not, there are pros and cons to both solutions.
  9. Abandoned cart
    Of course, there will still be visitors who will abandon your store and shopping cart for some reason. You could add a feature like a popup that appears just before the user tries to leave your store, to convince your visitor to stay and complete the purchase by offering them an incentive.
  10. Loyalty and rewards program
    When you ask your users to register, consider a loyalty and rewards program, as it is always cheaper to keep your loyal customers than searching for new ones.

During the next months or even years there is going to be an explosion of new online stores and even more people will be shopping online, as a result of the deep changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Make sure your store is prepared and you don’t lose visitors due to simple mistakes that could be avoided.

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