DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to increase traffic and sales of your online store

How to increase traffic and visitors to your online store that you just opened? All you need to do now is bring potential buyers to your site, convert your visitors into leads and such leads into sales

To do this you need to develop an effective digital marketing plan for your company, which will include all those product promotion activities through social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising campaigns and e-mail marketing: all the channels that will help you attract more traffic and customers and increase your sales.

All these indications to increase traffic are valid both if you sell fashion online, and if you you are in another sector. Don’t forget also that, especially if you are in the early stages, these tips on how to have more and more users on your site will be particularly indicated if you want to run an activity with low investment costs and no need for a stock. Read this article if you want to know what Dropshipping is and how it works.

Discover the most effective ways to promote your online store

1. Promote your Online Store on the most popular Social Media: Facebook & Instagram

  • Create your store’s Facebook page

Facebook is the perfect place to post and promote any content that links to your website. Through the Facebook page of your store you can share the new articles available in your store, your campaigns or blog posts. To gewt to a wider target, you can also increase the reach of your content through paid Facebook Ads advertising campaigns.

  • Set up a business Instagram account

Once you have an Instagram business account, let people know who you are: add a bio and a branded profile photo. Do not forget to include a link to lead potential customers to your website.

On Instagram it is essential to engage followers with quality content and to entice even more people to follow your business. As on Facebook, on Instagram you can promote posts that you shared or design real advertising campaigns.

2. Focus on SEO to allow people to find your online store through search engines

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” which is the activity of driving traffic to your website from search engines like Google.

For your SEO campaign success , it is crucial to start to work on SEO on-page, optimizing all the elements inside the page such as HTML code, contents and their structure, then search for the right keyword for titles and urls, descriptions, titles and alt image tags. Then it is necessary to optimize your site positioning on Google through off-page SEO activity, that is, everything that has to do with the external elements of your site.

To ensure that your e-commerce is optimized for search engines, be sure to follow these best practices.

3. Use Email Marketing to connect with customers

increase sales and traffic of your online store

According to entrepreneur and marketer Neil Patel states no. 1 in the world, email is the most effective digital marketing channel to boost sales. That’s why your site should not lack the subscription form to your newsletter, which will allow you to collect your customers data and create your contact list.

At this point you can proceed with the periodic sending of messages to your customer database: welcome new subscribers with a personalized welcome email, then send them “promotional emails” to inform them about new products, promotions in progress on your site and special offers, finally, repackaging for making purchases on your site with