DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – 5 strategies to boost summer sales in your ecommerce.

Increase your summer sales online.

Each season has its own peculiarities and your dropshipping shop also has to respect some annual variations. Boost your online business thanks to the right communication strategies and small changes in the design of your shop.

Summer’s here and it’s time for relax, holidays and shopping! Take advantage of this quiet moment to push your customers to make purchases on your online store.
Create the right offers and, thanks to promotional sales, increase your turnover.
Are you ready to create the perfect e-commerce for the summer?

Here are 5 tips for you to increase your ecommerce sales in the summer:

1. This is the right time for a makeover.

Looks matter: restyle the colors and images on your shop. Add lighter colors and favor summer elements and icons, in this way your customers will feel more like-minded and will choose to buy on your online store.

Identify the products you want to focus on most and take photos with a summer theme.

For example, if you sell sunglasses, you could take pictures of your products on the beach, next to a summer cocktail or using cute colored inflatables.

Don’t forget the homepage of your ecommerce, it’s your personal display and you have to exploit it: follow seasonal trends in a dynamic way, sometimes it takes very little to make an ecommerce captivating in summer.

2. Select and highlight your best products.

If it’s too late to completely change the available products for a traditional e-commerce, with dropshipping you can give relevance to products suitable for the current season by identifying the most consistent ones and not miss a single sale.

During the summer months, your customers will be looking for anything related to gardening, travel and vacations, camping, festivals, children’s entertainment and any outdoor pursuits.

Take a look at your stock and select everything that’s relevant for the summer months in a new category, perhaps highlighting some of the products directly on the homepage of your online shop.

3. Take advantage of cross-selling.

Even if you are afraid that people do not buy much online during the summer, don’t be discouraged, sometimes increasing the value of your average shopping cart is enough.

To increase the average receipt, you can implement a series of techniques, such as cross-selling, which consists of grouping complementary items, thus creating real kits designed for the needs of your customers.

If you are selling kids’ shoes, you could create a kit with sandals for the beach and rubber flip-flops for the shower. Maybe you sell cosmetic products and a tanning set would be perfect and very appropriate, including body scrub, sunscreen and after-sun.

To create these packages it’s very important to know your customers and diversify your purchase offers, or use plugins that suggest to your customers a product similar to those already displayed. Make the most of your internal database and develop an email marketing strategy.

4. Sell internationally.

In this part of the world it’s summer, but on the other side of the globe it’s winter: this is your chance to sell everywhere. The quieter summer months could be the perfect time to start selling abroad by developing the most correct strategy and creating a potential new customer base.

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5. Update your social networks.

Not only does your ecommerce need a breath of fresh air, but your social pages too. Change your cover image, create a fresh and up-to-date editorial plan, also think about more fun and light content, since your followers will be on holiday relaxing.

Analyze your competitors and unleash your creativity to create a communication plan, consistent with the current period.

Take advantage of the games we all play under the umbrella and replicate them in your stories or posts.

An extra tip.

If you have already implemented all the techniques to improve your e-commerce in the summer and you still have some free time, take the opportunity to start planning the improvement of your online business in different areas.

Start blogging, be more present on social media and get closer to your customers. The quieter summer months are perfect for testing something different.

Start planning promotions for next fall/winter: in November, for example, it’s time for Black Friday. It seems like there is a long time to go, but actually it’s never too early to start working on the right strategies.

You could also do some research to offer your customers new products in line with market demands, thus making you ready for September, when users will begin to make constant purchases again.

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