DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to do lead generation on social media

Learn how to generate leads on your social networks for your business.

By 2022, nearly 55% of Internet users have social media profiles and use them daily, providing huge amounts of data to the platforms. This data is valuable for social media lead generation.

If you own an e-commerce business, now is the time to do social media lead generation, that is, to acquire quality leads to add to your database.

What is social media lead generation?

Surely, during your experience as a digital entrepreneur, you have encountered many potential customers, that is, people who are interested in your product or service but have never completed a purchase. Although they have never purchased any kind, they probably will in the future, and their contact information is critical to your database for this very reason. They are important contacts because you can intercept them on different channels (social media, newsletters, text messages) to convince them to buy the products you offer, or to build long-lasting and profitable relationships.

7 strategies for doing lead generation on social media.

1. Optimize your business profile.

Before we talk about content, influencer marketing and contests, you must have a profile optimized to organically generate leads through visits, interactions and followers.

A potential customer, when landing on your profile, needs to be clear about what you offer, so it is good to have key information on your social profile (Facebook, Instagram, etc.):

  • Link to the e-commerce site
  • Clear and unique nickname
  • Recognizable profile photo or logo
  • Explanatory and simple bio
  • Contact information (email, phone number, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Where possible, optimize the CTA: platforms offer different opportunities such as “send a message,” “visit the store,” etc.

These are tricks that are easy to practice, but extremely effective because they allow users to get a clear view of your company, boosting organic conversions.

2. Organize social media contests

One way to promote your product on social media is to hold a contest. Sure, all brands use it now, but it still works great.

There are two reasons why companies hold contests: first, they get a lot of contacts to grow their database; second, participants in each contest share the content with other users, this further increases the reach of the post.

The only downside of social contests is that the contacts collected in this way are not always relevant; everyone wants to receive a free product.

3. Be consistent with publications

Gaining leads organically is a long process and the key word is consistency.

You need to post regularly on your social profiles, interact with your followers and keep the community updated on the news. Use posts and stories even in an amateur way: on social media it is nice to show also the human side of a brand and put yourself on the same level as your followers.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer “Lead Generation” ads. These allow marketers and business owners like you to collect leads directly on social media. Users no longer have to click on ads and go to a landing page to fill out a form, but the process is much simpler.

Users click on the form and fill it out directly on the social platform. In response, they will receive the content you have decided to make available for free, whether it is an ebook, an exclusive discount, or a free product.

This process takes less than 30 seconds.

4. Organize live content

Another strategy for generating leads from social media is to use Hangouts, live videos, and webinars. To register for a live event you need to leave your contact information in advance, so most people won’t even attend the webinar, but it will help your company get relevant leads.

In addition, past years have taught us how much-hidden potential can lie behind live content, and how purpose-built digital events can increase the sense of community. 

Organize live events on your social profiles to preview news, address issues that are close to your followers’ hearts, or experiment and be creative.

5. Use all the tools the platform offers you. 

Follow the trends and use all the new things the platform offers: often the newly-launched tools are the ones that bring you the most results because they are pushed by the social network itself. Such as stories and reels with Instagram. Pay special attention to the tools you have available to interact with your users and use them in your social strategy. When you decide at the beginning of the month to design your editorial plan, think about your goals and establish the formats that will help you achieve them and always experiment with formats for instance: videos, photos, carousels, gifs, etc.

Don’t forget to use hashtags and geotags cleverly.

Did you know that social media quizzes can increase conversions by 70% and that 50% of participants always sign up for a mailing list?

Social media quizzes are probably the most competitive forms of content out there, yet many marketers overlook them. But once implemented, they can generate leads, increase engagement, and value your audience.

All you have to do is use a good online quiz maker to create engaging quizzes. You must also provide some value to your audience if you expect them to share their personal information with you.

This value can be of any kind, including a discount code, a free entry, a valuable ebook, etc. Once you’ve collected the data, you can redirect your audience with personalized content they love, make recommendations on the perfect products for their needs, analyze the data for market research, and more.

6. Share valuable content

When deciding on your editorial plan, you should always keep your target audience in mind and create tailor-made valuable content, incentivizing interaction, which is not just identified with a like, but can also be a comment to participate in a discussion or saving a post for later.

Make your followers feel special and focus on each post you make, always asking yourself: why should they interact with this content? What do they learn from this content? What added value do they perceive by following my profile?

7. Design an influencer marketing campaign.

If you want to grow a lot in a short time, implementing an influencer marketing strategy could be the right choice for you! Identifying the right influencers in line with your product or service could be an incredible boost to your profile and sales.

Finding the right influencer is difficult and time-consuming, but reaching the right deal could get you a lot of exposure.

The key thing is to focus on one or two hero products that you want to push and that are the focus of your brand.

Final thoughts.

Social media lead generation takes time; it is not a one-day process. Therefore, it is best to keep trying. Experiment! Try new ways of promotion and explore new social media marketing channels to get your brand rolling.