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Have you ever wondered if it is convenient and profitable to sell in dropshipping on eBay?

This is a controversial question:

  • on the one hand, eBay is clearly a risk-free and economical choice for selling online;
  • on the other hand, is it still worthwhile, after the advent of Amazon?

But let’s see in detail what we will talk about:

  1. What is dropshipping?
  2. What is eBay and how does it work?
  3. Can you dropship on eBay?
  4. How much does it cost to sell on eBay?
  5. How to choose among all dropshipping suppliers?
  6. Pros and cons of eBay dropshipping
Make money on eBay with BDroppy dropshipping
  1. What is dropshipping?
    Dropshipping is a sales model through which an online seller sells a product to an end user, without physically owning it and without having any risks on the goods, relying on a dropshipping supplier who owns the good and takes care of the shipments.
    The dropshipping seller will therefore not have to worry about inventory management or shipping, but will transmit the orders to a dropshipper supplier who manages all the inventory and logistics.
    In fields such as designer fashion, the dropshipping trend is recording increasingly higher numbers. In Italy, users who access the internet every day are more than 50 million and in 2020 alone 70% of national consumers (between 18 and 65) made at least one purchase on the internet.
  1. What is eBay and how does it work?
    eBay is an online trading platform that emerged in 1995 and initially became famous for its auctions, especially for used items.
    Today the vast majority of products sold on eBay are absolutely new and are sold in a “traditional” way and not by auction.
  1. Can you dropship on eBay?
    The answer is: yes! In this system, the dropshipper earns thanks to the difference between the cost of the wholesale product declared by the supplier and the final sale price, displayed in their own virtual eBay store. However, you cannot buy a product from another marketplace (such as Amazon) and then resell it on eBay, or your account may be shut down.
  1. How much does it cost to sell on eBay?
    To open your own shop on eBay, there are 3 subscription plans:
    Basic store, at 19,50 € per month
    Premium store, at 39,50 € per month
    Premium Plus store, at 149,50 € per month
    Each of the plans includes a certain number of sales advertisements that you can run.
    In addition to this, there are additional costs if particular product categories are chosen or if you want to enter particular sales options.
    Once you have established your subscription plan, you should take a look at the competition, looking for the products you would like to sell (or similar items) and the best items to dropship on eBay, in order to also understand which is the most competitive price to apply.
  1. How to choose among all dropshipping suppliers?
    Here are some clues on how to find the ideal one among the many eBay dropshipping suppliers:
    1. registration is mandatory
    2. they have a well-structured team and a single point of contact with whom you can interface for all your doubts or problems that may arise
    3. they usually are in step with the times: they have online catalogs, automatic synchronization, etc.
    4. there is a minimum order quantity to be respected
    5. you will have to do anything to work with them. Don’t trust too much those who try in every way to get you on board!
    6. look for a supplier that accepts orders by email, it saves you a lot of time
    7. make test orders, so that you can see the entire process as a whole and understand the preparation and shipping times of orders, if the tracking information is promptly provided and if the delivery takes place without problems.

BDroppy is a reliable supplier of 100% original designer fashion items. Thanks to BDroppy you can manage everything through one simple dashboard and dropshipping has never been easier.

  1. Pros and cons of eBay dropshipping
    PROS: eBay is very well known and popular, and management costs are low, as you won’t have to pay a warehouse to stock the goods or staff to help you manage it, for example.
    Shipping and packaging costs are also reduced, as you don’t have to take care of them directly.
    CONS: the fact of not having to manage the logistics and shipping part is one less problem but it means that you have to rely totally on your eBay dropshipping supplier, so it is essential to choose a reliable one. Just like BDroppy!
    Competition is high and you may be prone to lower prices and earnings to sell.

Did you know that eBay allows dropshipping? Have you already tried it?

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