Here’s SPARCO® Fashion, your racing style for everyday life

Are you a digital entrepreneur with a strong experience in launching online projects? Develop your own innovative business and with a great potential!

The first brand which we applied this formula of Exclusive Online Dealership project on with incredibly successful results is SPARCO® Fashion.

SPARCO® is the global leader in the production of racing equipment for professional drivers and supercars. In 2013 it entered the fashion and style market, creating with us the SPARCO® Fashion brand and an exclusive collection, available only on our site.

The brand gives the motor sport enthusiasts the chance to affirm their racing style every day, without neglecting the traditional elegance of an Italian brand which combines safety, technology and refined design.

The brand is aimed at a very well-defined niche of racing enthusiasts, without having to compete with many other players in the market. This means that, in the countries where it is available, SPARCO® Fashion has registered a huge success from the very start.

With our Exclusive Online Dealership project, we give you the chance to become an exclusive online reseller in your country for one the most targeted digital brands by Brandsdistribution Group: SPARCO® Fashion.

We provide you with all that’s needed to start your successful activity:

  • you will receive a turnkey e-commerce site, ready for use
  • no graphics costs: we give you professional photos and graphics for the site and social networks
  • the target is well defined
  • no warehouse risk: you won’t have to worry about buying the goods beforehand
  • efficient logistics system at your disposal
  • national exclusive: only you can sell the brand of your choice in your country

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Fasten your seatbelt and get on board with SPARCO® Fashion!