DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Ecommerce dropshipping, strategies for beginners

Discover how to start a successful dropshipping business.

Creating an online store might seem easy and take just a couple of clicks, but it can be quite confusing, especially when it’s your first experience in the field.

So what are the main phases to follow in order not to miss any fundamental step? Many of us use lists in order to put in writing all the necessary steps to do something and not forget anything, so why not use the same system for the creation of your online activity?

Follow our guide:

  1. Choose your domain
  2. Choose the best channel for your sales
  3. Create the web pages
  4. Set up an appropriate checkout process
  5. Use email marketing
  6. Work on SEO
  7. Check taxes and shipping fees
  8. Analyse your data
  9. Run some tests before launching.
  1. Choose your domain
    Pick your custom domain name for your ecommerce. You can also use a free business name generator that you can find online, if your desired name is already taken.
  2. Choose the best channel for your sales
    Many users today use different platforms to buy products. That’s why you should think about combining your ecommerce dropshipping with marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, for instance, or on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook.
  3. Create the pages
    Of course a website or an ecommerce needs pages, where you can list useful information about products or services. The main ones are:
    1. Homepage: it’s the most important one, gives an overview of what you do and sell and has got links to your products
    2. Contact page: list your address, email, a phone number and perhaps also a contact form.
    3. “About us” page: this states what your business is about, its history and your values.
    4. FAQ: you could include all of the most frequently asked questions that you receive from your customers so that they can find the answers there.
    5. Terms & Conditions: here you can write what is included in your services and your policies.
  4. Set up an appropriate checkout process
    This is a very important step, as you need to avoid all possible errors at checkout and the consequent cart abandonment. So you have to make sure that the entire process runs smoothly and easily.
  5. Use email marketing
    Email marketing is a great tool to drive sales, either welcoming new customers and keeping the existing ones. Set up the main ones, such as a welcome email, an order confirmation email and a shipping notification email.
  6. Work on SEO
    If you want to move to a whole new level,you should think about optimizing your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as many customers start to look for products on Google and you have to make sure that your ecommerce shows up in the first results. Try to do some research on keywords for your texts and images, to start with.
  7. Check taxes and shipping fees
    There are various approaches to this, either you can use a flat rate for any shipment or differentiate your shipping rates according to destination country or service. You’ll simply have to analyse what’s more convenient for your dropshipping business.
  8. Analyse your data
    Study and analyse your business data, in order to know what the best dropshipping products are or which ones your customers usually buy together, in order to adjust your selling strategy accordingly.
  9. Run some tests before launching.
    Mistakes are always around the corner, so don’t be unprepared! Thoroughly check and test everything on your website, such as links, images and pages on all devices.

Have you encountered similar issues with launching your new ecommerce dropshipping? Do you find our suggestions useful to your activity? Let us know!

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