New weekly arrivals for your dropshipping business: Shone Kids, UGG, Calvin Klein, Love Moschino

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As you may know, Brandsdistribution Group was founded in 2006 and today represents globally one of the largest suppliers for the online b2b distribution of designer clothing and accessories.

With its extensive catalog of designer clothing and fashion accessories, it also provides an easy platform, dedicated to those who want to sell in dropshipping, connected via an intuitive dashboard to the entire fashion catalog. In this way you can offer a wide selection of authentic designer products to your customers, without worrying about warehouse risks and shipping costs.

Discover the news of this week so as not to miss an opportunity to successfully sell online in dropshipping:

Shone Kids

Discover all the new boots for kids by Shone Kids.

Founded in 2015, it is based on a mix of tradition and research and is the must-have of the new decade for young boys and girls.


The new arrivals from UGG have arrived! The Australian ankle boots, a symbol of the surfing culture of the seventies, have conquered the fashion world becoming a real cultural phenomenon.

Calvin Klein

Discover the discounts on watches by Calvin Klein, an iconic brand of the ’90s with a provocative and trendy image.

Love Moschino

Drawing its inspiration from the concept of “peace & love”, Love Moschino creates an innovative mix between urban style and colorful details, iconic worldwide, and gives life to young, funny and ironic models. New arrivals of Love Moschino are available online now, perfect for your online sales!

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