DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Why you shouldn’t use too many plugins on your WordPress site

When creating a WordPress website, you can customise it in any possible way.

You can either decide to build your website from scratch or use the many open-source plugins available. This freedom is one of the main reasons why the WordPress platform is so popular.

But you shouldn’t overdo, as too many plugins may end up in security issues, site maintenance or conflicts:

  • slow site speed: of course the more plugins on your website the more slowly your page will load. It’s a matter of space used on your server, of servers requests and of database queries.
  • learning how plugins work: all the plugins are created by different developers with different approaches and solutions. Every plugin is therefore different and learning to use them at best takes time.
  • security breaches: of course there are risks in any code, theme, or extension and the more plugins you install, the greater the risk that you’ll download one with a security problem. And also you must be consistent with updates to fix bugs and vulnerabilities. This all takes time!
  • conflicts: it’s common for two or more plugins to conflict with one another, since WordPress is open-source and anyone can submit a plugin. Conflicts can mean pages load slowly or error messages appear and ultimately the website can crash.

Then how many plugins can I use?

The answer depends on many factors, such as the plugins quality, their weight and your hosting provider. Plugins cannot be too heavy, they must come from a reliable and reputable source, must be up-to-date, must be popular (if many people use them, it must be high quality), must have a good support and documentation.

To answer our previous question: the fewer the better.

What is the best thing to do?

Think about the most important functionalities for your website and only implement the plugins that meet those needs and make sure you uninstall the ones you don’t use.
Or you could use plugins that have more than one function, so that you don’t install three of them but just one.

The bottom line is: do some research, decide what’s important for your WordPress website and focus on that!

These were our tips for your WordPress site.
Do you use some plugins? Do you find them useful and helpful for your activity?

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