DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Why does every e-commerce store need a social media strategy?

Once viewed as a passing trend, social media is still a powerful tool in eCommerce. This is no longer a question: does your business need a social media strategy. It’s a question of how to make it effective and how to use its fullest potential. Many businesses are really missing key opportunities without the presence in the social media space. Just like you have financial goals and plans to achieve, social media should be treated the same way.

SEO+Social Media=Perfect Tandem

Yes, it helps. Strong SEO performance is key. No matter if it’s a Shopify alternative brand or a brand store. Even if your eCommerce business is new, a social media account will make your brand known to a larger audience. It’s never too late and it’s never too early to start a social media strategy.

Just like optimizing your website, you need to optimize your social media profiles for SEO. Make sure you incorporate all the keywords you want your profile to be found for just like you would do for the website pages. Not only it helps people to find you but also will give an idea of what people are looking for. 

Up-Level Customer Service 

88% of customers are not likely to buy brands that leave the social media complaints unresponded. Social media presence will help you resolve negative feedback in a positive mode or react to a favorable response. This is how you show to a customer “I DO care what you think guys”. Being active on social media is no longer a competitive advantage, it’s required. By using social media strategy, you tell your company’s story and showcase why you’re unique. 

Expand Your Online Reach

Considering the data reported, In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide and a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025. Hence, almost every business, especially eCommerce vendors, can benefit from promoting their services on platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Reach Your Target Audience Where They Spend The Most Time

SEO and running PPC campaigns allow you to increase brand awareness every time users actively search for specific products on the WEB. With social media, however, you can also reach them in the place where they feel the most engaged. It’s never too late to face the truth: social media will never just be a leisure activity. 

Generate More Revenue

Social media allows you to talk with your customers instead of talking to them. It is an interactive process. Social media is highly effective for its trackable nature that allows businesses to monitor analytics and predict trends. Social media advertising is more affordable if compared to any other form of advertising. 

When a business can monitor what percent of their revenue results from social media efforts, marketing managers can modify their strategies to increase revenue. 

Engage Your Target Audience in the Casual Environment 

Social media platforms offer a less formal way of user-vendor interaction than any other advertising channel.  Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook greatly facilitate the dialog with users that are keen on learning more about your product. Social networks are a place where we all feel 200% comfortable. Social media is all about the idea of making purchases without having to compromise comfort. 

Help Your Brand Get Shared Online

The nature of social media, allows your current customers to share your brand with their followers — an ideal situation for any online retailer. Companies with a strong visual appeal can especially benefit from Instagram or Pinterest full of aesthetic content lovers.

Guest Post by
Rebecca Willis – digital copywriter