DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – What is keyword research?

Keyword research is essential for any online writing activity that has search engine optimization (SEO) as its purpose.

There are many elements that influence the search engine positioning of a site or a web page, but the first step to take is definitely the analysis and research of keywords, in order to optimize your content and your texts for SEO to acquire traffic, important for example if you have a dropshipping business.

Google (the most widely used search engine) collects a lot of data on what users are looking for and gives the pages that best meet the search requirements, in order of relevance, allowing people to find what they are looking for almost certainly in the first page. All this is possible, certainly to a large extent, thanks to keywords.

If you deal with marketing and SEO then, all this is essential for you and any text you produce must be written with this in mind, putting yourself in the shoes of users and what they are likely to search for on Google.

What is it about?

It is an analysis carried out to discover which search terms are most used by people to search for certain products on the web.

The analysis aims at learning about the needs of your potential customers, what they are looking for and what their real goals are.

How to choose the right keywords?

For example based on search volume, which is the number of searches that are made for a given keyword. This is fundamental information to understand if the keyword is valid. In fact, if the number were too low it would mean that you would not have competitors, but not even possible buyers!

By competition, we mean how difficult it is to reach the top spot in Google search results based on competitors, for example.

The average conversion rate of your site could give you indications for example on how many potential clicks you could get for the keyword of your interest.

Once you understand the general mechanisms, you must be the one to understand which and how many keywords to insert in the text (without exaggerating…), to try to respond to the needs of users, and to make sure that the keywords you have chosen refer to the products and services you are able to offer, etc.

Are you ready to put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes? Are you attentive to the keywords you choose for your texts? Have you already achieved traffic results by applying these simple principles?

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