DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – What are the most persuasive words for salespeople?

Persuasive language is key to any marketer and salesperson.

There are some words and phrases you can use to build the sales vocabulary that will help you achieve great results.

But let’s take a look at some of the most convincing words that you should incorporate into your messaging:

1. Your Recipient’s Name
No one wants to be addressed as “To Whom It May Concern”. Add a personal touch and include your recipient’s name. That can give you an advantage over those who address them with something impersonal or distant.

2. “Yes”
As a salesperson, you must be convincing. Speaking with affirmative terms like “yes” really helps, as they show confidence and authority. So why shouldn’t your customers believe you and do what you ask them?

3. “You”
Address your customers with a certain degree of familiarity… without exaggerating, of course! Go for middle ground with a word like “you”. Talk to them personally, and let them feel like you’ve customised your language to suit their specific needs.

4. “Because”
Most – if not all – of your customers want to know exactly why they should get on board with what you’re trying to offer to them. Using a word such as “because” can give them the perspective they need to want to learn more.

5. “New”
Everyone is looking for new answers to well-known problems. If you can show your customers that your offering is as new as it is effective, you can raise their interest and engage them.

6. “Free”
Everyone loves free stuff, it’s human nature. If you can introduce a word like “free”, you can capture and retain people’s attention. But be careful: overpromising and under delivering is cheap and can become counterproductive.

7. “Now”
You have to capture your customers’ attention and give them the impression that they need to listen. That’s where words like “now” come in handy, convincing them to act immediately!

8. “Guarantee”
You’re making a promise when you say “guarantee”, it means you have confidence in what you’re offering. But be sure you mean what you say, your product MUST work.

9. “Proven”
Once again, this word leans on the fact that sales are a matter of trust. Words like “proven” can help you get there. They demonstrate that your offering is actually reliable and trustworthy. While some customers might prefer a totally new solution, others are more inclined to trust something tested and true.

10. “The”
When you use the word “the” in sales, you’re establishing authority, separating yourself from competitors, and telling your customers that there is no other option that will work just as well as your offering. There’s only one product or service that will work best for them, and it’s THE one you’re offering.

11. “No Obligation”
When reaching out to potential customers, you want to remind them that the choice is ultimately theirs with words like “no obligation”, so they don’t feel forever tied to you.

12. “Limited”
Again, this word creates urgency. When you say “limited”, you’re showing there is a tight window to access an offer you’re proposing. It gives the impression that other customers are eager to purchase your product or service, so they have to hurry!

Don’t underestimate the value of such a vocabulary. If you can effectively and appropriately use it for your communications, you can take your sales from good to great.

Remember that the words you use when interacting with potential customers can really make the difference between a closed deal and a missed opportunity.

We really hope these tips can be useful for your online business with BDroppy!