DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – What are the main search engines, apart from Google?

The majority of browser searches (around 90%) are carried out using Google.

But that doesn’t mean that Google is the only search engine, far from it! For one reason or another, you may need to use another one, perhaps more suitable for you.

Why should you look for something else?
Google of course is much more than a mere search engine: it has advertising, customisation and is constantly evolving, which makes it so popular. But it also has no privacy as it collects users’ information and shares it with brands and advertisers. This is definitely a reason to look for other search engines. Or you just want to know all the options.

Here are the 5 most used search engines:

  1. BING

Born in 2009 to replace Live Search, Bing is extremely easy to use and has an interesting design. Everytime you use it for research or a purchase, you earn Bing points that you can use to buy apps and film; it also features a free service that allows you to add your websites to the Bing crawler, so they appear in the search engine. Bing’s user base may seem very small, but it has great potential and a lower competition.

  1. YAHOO

The third most used search engine in the world, Yahoo is considered obsolete by many, but it offers a user experience at its fullest, with news, games and online purchases. Don’t underestimate it.


Are you concerned with environmental issues? How about using an eco-friendly search engine? Ecosia has Bing manage its searches and with every research carried out you contribute to planting trees in the driest areas of the planet. And it’s privacy-friendly too!


DuckDuckGo simply never stores or shares your personal information, so if you’re worried about privacy, this is the way! You may wonder how it earns money… simply with paid advertising, but without using your data. Try it out!


It’s very similar to DuckDuckGo as it keeps its privacy. As Startpage says, they use the search results by Google removing all trackers so that everything is kept very private and your data remain yours.

Have you ever tried a search engine that is not Big G (Google)? Did you find what you were looking for with better results and less worries? Try the alternative search engines we have suggested, you might be surprised!

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