DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – The ultimate guide to WhatsApp Business – sell and earn!

How to boost your sales with WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp is the most used communication app globally with nearly 1.5 billion active monthly users. Right now there is a lot of potential to reach customers thanks to this app; today we will show you how to make the most of this tool to increase your sales.

WhatsApp has introduced a business version of its app, WhatsApp Business, which helps owners of all businesses interact more easily with customers by providing tools to automate, sort and respond to messages quickly.

Pros of using WhatsApp Business.

As we said earlier, WhatsApp is the communication app that registers the most active users to date and therefore offers you the opportunity to reach potential customers by sharing your WhatsApp Business link. Whatever your target is, they will surely use this app on a daily basis.

It supports many types of multimedia content: you can communicate with your customers using the help of various media, such as video content, gifs, pdf documents, etc.

To simplify your work and communication with your customers, you can use WhatsApp Web, that is, you can manage all your conversations from a PC; it’s often easier to coordinate and communicate when you can use a larger screen.

It has many other pros, for example you can allow one employee to make sales via the phone app while another can send messages via computer.

Thanks to broadcast lists, you can send a message massively, using the same technique as email marketing, but your contacts will receive it as if it were a simple message. In this way you can save a lot of time, especially when your database starts to be very consistent and maybe you have to communicate important updates of your shop, new arrivals, etc.

The downside is that if your customer hasn’t saved your contact information on their device, they won’t receive your content, so always try to encourage customers to save your shop number on their phone, just like they would with the number of their hairdresser.

Also make the most of the ability to share stories, just like you do on Facebook or Instagram since they only last 24h and create a direct line with your customers. You could communicate special promotions, new arrivals in your shop or exclusive discount codes.

Last but not least, WhatsApp Business is totally free. This app costs you nothing and carries no hidden extra costs.

Cons of using WhatsApp Business.

You necessarily need a customer base, because you can have an excellent strategy for selling on WhatsApp, but if you don’t have enough contacts, it will never work; it also does not provide an integrated payment method, so you will have to redirect your customers outside WhatsApp to make them complete their order.

Your customers can only find your page via a link, that’s because WhatsApp doesn’t have a built-in search engine and it is highly unlikely that customers will accidentally come across your business page.

Your business must necessarily have a mobile number: we advise you to keep business separate from personal life, you may find yourself confusing your personal and business chats.

WhatsApp Business features that will help you maximize your sales.

The WhatsApp Business app was developed to provide companies with a faster and more immediate way to stay in touch with their customers, in fact it is the preferred method of communication for customers, with a satisfaction rate of over 83%.

But what are the features of WhatsApp Business that you shouldn’t miss?

1. Automatic reply messages.

You can choose to configure different automatic reply messages that will be sent to customers when they contact you, particularly useful if you are temporarily absent or if you want to provide essential data.

First-contact information greatly accelerates customer awareness and helps you gain public trust, which is essential to being able to sell your products.

2. It creates a product catalog.

Creating a catalog on WhatsApp Business allows your customers to browse the products in your store without having to leave the messaging app.

This function offers you to all intents and purposes the possibility to benefit from a catalog, a cart and to send the order by message.

3. It organizes chats.

Another function that allows you to make the most of WhatsApp Business is the organization of conversations thanks to labels. You can catalog conversations and add real tags to contacts, for example you could add labels such as: new order, pending payment, paid, completed, new customer, vip customer, etc.

Can I sell on WhatsApp if I don’t own an ecommerce?

Anyone would answer no to this question, but not us at BDroppy. Thanks to our brand new BSocial plan, you can start dropshipping only thanks to messaging apps. You don’t need an ecommerce, you can sell directly in the chat thanks to your personalized links, we’ll take care of shipping the goods.