DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Influencer marketing: how to use it in the best way to be successful

Are you looking for information and news on the latest trends and how to use them for your activity? Then you’re in the right place, keep reading!

Influencer Marketing is an important reality also in 2020.

More and more companies are saving an increasing part of their budget for this aspect and the preferred categories in this sector are Fashion and Beauty.

Instagram remains the main channel, as it’s quick and contents are easily accessible. With the relatively new Stories feature that allows in-app purchases, the whole process is now even easier!

Users increasingly turn to social networks to discover new brands or products, following the influencers’ suggestions. But the percentage of users that actually buy directly from these pages, although growing, is still relatively low.

What are then the strategies to be adopted to attract new customers thanks to influencers?

  1. Having an Instagram profile
    Clearly. It’s the first step towards a possible involvement of influencers in your own business project, since Instagram surely is the quickest, most suitable and intuitive means to reach more audience.
  2. Focusing on the so-called micro-influencer too
    Influencers with around 10,000 followers have a lower financial impact on the budget and let you reach several market niches.
    Influencer marketing is not reserved exclusively to those having considerable resources, but focusing on micro-influencers can lead also small activities to success!
  3. Choosing the right influencers
    Content quality, types of followers, but also the available budget are fundamental elements, that can mean success or failure for a specific endorsement.
  4. Increasing video contents
    Video contents are rapidly growing and we’ve seen how in 2020 both Instagram stories and Tik Tok will be protagonists.
  5. Discover when your influencers’ birthday is
    No, it’s not a joke: finding out when a certain influencer’s birthday is will allow you to send them a sample or a product for the occasion and it’s likely that he/she will publicly thank you on Instagram.
    They could also thank you privately, in this case it’ll certainly be the beginning of a dialogue that could eventually evolve into a collaboration.

We hope that our tips will be useful to get the best from your sales!