DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to write a blog post?

As you probably already know, blogging is important for your online activity and your marketing strategy. That’s why it’s important to learn how to do that effectively: you need a rich Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and some promotional content for your social media, to name a few.

So why do so many marketers avoid this practice? Perhaps it may look boring or tricky… unless you really enjoy writing!

What is a blog post?
It allows you to share your thoughts, insights and stories about any topic you want. A blog post can really help you drive traffic, improve your brand awareness and credibility and boost conversions.

What makes a good blog?
First of all, a good post is appealing. It should help readers solve a problem or answer questions in an interesting way. So you want to engage your readers and keep them with you from the beginning until the end.

How to write a good blog post?
There are a few steps you want to take while writing a blog post:

  1. Understand your readers
    Try to think about your readers and their interests, in order to adjust your contents to what they are looking for.
  2. Create your domain
    The most popular ones are WordPress or CMS Hub, some of them are free and some make you pay a little fee, but you’ll have an original domain with the name of your website.
  3. Customise your theme
    Once you have established your domain, you must personalise the theme of your blog. Pay attention to the logo of the blog, which will remind your readers who’s writing, and the “About us” section, essential to support the goals of your company.
  4. Pick a topic
    First of all, choose a subject for your first post! It can be pretty general at the beginning, such as a presentation of your company, to introduce yourself.
  5. Choose a title
    A working title is very important to start writing your post. At the end of the writing process, you can also be more specific and modify it.
  6. Write a captivating introduction
    As we’ve already said, you must catch your reader’s attention in the first lines and you can do so by telling a joke or an interesting fact and then go on explaining how the post will help them solve a problem.
  7. Organise the content
    Blog posts can have an overwhelming amount of information, therefore you must organise contents.
  8. Write the post
    Of course the next step is writing the blog post! Try to gather the information you need and use some tools to help you put your sentences together.
  9. Revise and edit your post
    The editing process is a very important step, don’t underestimate it! Also, add captivating pictures and format your text so that it looks a little dynamic.
  10. Enter a CTA
    CTAs are essential as they establish what you’d like your readers to do next, so don’t forget them.
  11. Remember SEO
    Remember to optimise your post and include appropriate keywords.
  12. Edit your title
    Modify your working title to make it short, clear and catchy.

Have you already written the perfect blog post for your company? Thanks to this guide, it will be even easier! Try it out and make the most out of your blog, it can really be a useful tool to improve your marketing activity.

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