DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to use Instagram Stories for your marketing strategy?

Instagram Stories (or Insta Stories) have radically changed our approach to social networks.

Today they are used a lot by brands and influencers to communicate in a quick and genuine way with their followers.

But what is an Instagram Story? They are temporary contents that remain visible for 24 hours. After that time, you can still keep this content visible by highlighting it in the “Stories Highlights” in your profile.

How to create one?
It’s as easy as pie!

  • from the homepage, click on the “+” on the top right corner
  • take a photo, record a video or swipe up to choose content from your phone’s gallery
  • personalize it using filters, editing tools, adding hashtags or tags or text and stickers
  • tap “Your Story” to post the story to your profile

Use your creativity!

Why should you use Instagram Stories for marketing?

  1. Although it’s true that they delete after only 24 hours, they are extremely engaging!
  2. The creation is easy and intuitive. Stories don’t have to be perfect since they’ll be visible for 24 hours only, you just need an interesting idea and some creativity.
  3. They are open to customization, with filters, tags, stickers and music.
  4. Business accounts can also have the swipe-up function, to link directly your website or online shop.

How to use Instagram Stories for marketing

  • Of course they will disappear within 24 hours, so you don’t have to put all of your efforts into them, but you surely must organise and plan in advance.
  • Use all of your creativity and use all the functionalities, including external apps to edit your photos and videos.
  • Organise your stories highlights by categories, such as reviews from your customers or product descriptions.
  • Use tags for locations, hashtags and mentions
  • Use Instagram Live to record live videos, which allow interactions and live comments.
  • Generate traffic using call to actions, for example. Want more ideas for your CTAs? Read more here.

Of course perfection takes practice, so use Instagram Stories for your marketing activity and have fun!

Are you already using Instagram Stories for your strategy? What’s your experience with them so far?

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