DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to successfully promote your e-commerce through Instagram

Today Instagram is becoming more and more useful to promote and sell products online, in addition to other social media such as Facebook, thanks to regular posts, stories and endorsements by celebrities.

What are the main steps to launch your successful Instagram profile then?

  1. Create a business account. It gives your profile a professional look, allows you to add shoppable links and lets you check your impressions and clicks on your posts/stories. Make it public, of course!
  2. Use a recognizable name. The name of your business page must be easily searchable and recognisable so that everyone can find it when looking for you.
  3. Use irresistible photos and hashtags. It’s a social network made of pictures, so your feed must be incredibly attractive to engage users. And also have catchy captions will help together with the use of relevant hashtags that can attract more users.
  4. Encourage your customers to create content for you. You can ask your customers to share photos and opinions about your products so that they feel engaged. You could also try and reach out for influencers so that they can promote your products with their network.
  5. Write a captivating bio. Use the bio to inform your users about your activity and add some personality. In the website section, use a trackable link that you will change periodically, to redirect your customers to your e-commerce.
  6. Be consistent. Your feed must be active to be successful so you must post pictures with a certain degree of regularity. In this way your network cannot forget you. Try to experiment also with the time of day to understand what time is the best to engage your users.

We hope that our tips will be useful to get the best from your sales!