DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to prevent customer churn?

Closing a deal with a customer is extremely satisfying. However, losing a customer (forever) is extremely disappointing.

But there’s good news: customer churn is often preventable. First of all, what is customer churn?

It is the percentage of customers that stopped using and purchasing your products or services during a specific time frame and it’s calculated by dividing the number of customers you lost during a time frame by the number of customers with which you began the time period.

Of course, you want your churn rate to be as low as possible, although it’s almost impossible to reach 0%.

So how can you avoid customer churn? Follow these steps:

1. Provide impeccable customer service.
One of the main reasons why customers abandon you is the lack of quality customer service.
You can provide it by being proactive. So try to communicate with them before they reach out to you.
They will appreciate the time you took to offer support; if they feel like they are important to your company, it’s likely they’ll stick around.

2. Provide value.
There are also other ways you can provide value to your existing customers and prevent them from churning.
You could for example send daily or weekly newsletters, share blog posts with them or keep them up-to-date on upcoming events and programs held by your company, encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, if you have one.

3. Personalize customer experiences.
It’s now clear that customers want to feel like they’re special. Of course they know you have hundreds or thousands of other customers, but, in their hearts, they want to be the only ones. 
Every single customer should feel they’re special to you because they are, so you should be careful to personalize every customer experience.

4. Analyze churned customers.
A great way to understand why some customers churn is by asking them, perhaps through a survey and a subsequent analysis.
It’s important to consider how your organization can use the feedback for the better, so make the appropriate changes to help your team achieve your goal.

5. Focus your attention on your strongest customer relationships.
Focus on your loyal customers. It’s easy for companies to almost forget about them, because you think they’re so loyal they will stick around. But if thay feel like they’re being neglected, they’ll end things.

These were our 5 tips to help you avoid customers’ churn, so try to put them in practice and analyse your data to prevent the worst to happen!

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