DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to grow a multimillion-dollar business online thanks to the best e-commerce tools

To develop a successful business, it is crucial to choose the right e-commerce tools. Try to use apps that allow you to control these aspects, for example.

What are the best tools that you can use?

  1. e-mail marketing
    this is a very used and useful tool! It consists of sending customised e-mails based on previous purchases and creating a database based on order history and similar products.
  2. mailing lists and reports
    building a mailing list and generating reports allows you to check performances and metrics on clicks and conversions.
  3. loyalty programs
    customers love to receive rewards, discounts and samples when making a purchase. In this way, it is easier that they make a new purchase on your e-commerce, by exploiting the discounts you provided.
  4. endorsements
    recruiting micro-influencers lets you reach more market niches and also track all their purchases. They of course buy more than regular customers and cost less than well-known influencers.
  5. abandoned carts
    use apps that allow you to rescue abandoned carts, by proposing discounts if the purchase is completed and thus establishing a relationship with the customer.
  6. social networks
    use social networks and advertising on Instagram and Facebook and use them to redirect customers to your online shop through the use of tags.
  7. personalization
    try to customise your customers’ purchasing experience, by analysing their behaviour, their likes and dislikes in order for you to proposing them tailor-made tips on what to purchase next.
  8. on-site search
    users will be happy to use an on-site search bar in order to find exactly what they’re looking for on your e-commerce and this means they will be more likely to make a purchase.
  9. notifications
    this relates to the fear of missing out. It implies real-time notifications to alert users that other visitors have just made a purchase or have just left a 5-star review, which have proved to be very effective.

Of course the more tools and strategies you use, the more results you’ll get.

With the help of BDroppy, you’ll be able to integrate these strategies to improve your customers’ buying experience and therefore your profit!

We really hope these suggestions will be helpful for your online business with BDroppy!