DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to find the right dropshipping supplier?

Dropshipping makes it possible to start a business only with a computer, an internet connection and a small investment, but you must also find the goods for your activity.

First of all, find out why selling fashion online is a good idea! Then you have to find who can provide you with the products to sell…

Of course it’s not easy to find the perfect supplier and you cannot trust those who don’t give guarantees.

BDroppy is a reliable and trustworthy supplier of 100% original designer fashion items. Thanks to BDroppy you can manage everything in a single simple dashboard and selling in Dropshipping has never been easier.

How can you trust your suppliers?

At this point you have suppliers who might be right for you. But how can we be sure that we can trust them? Here are some clues that might give you this confidence:

  • registration is mandatory, even before seeing the prices.
  • there is a minimum order quantity to be respected: this will be used to skim and keep only those who have a serious and important business.
  • they have a well-structured team and a single point of contact with whom you can interface for all your doubts or problems that may arise.
  • they are in step with the times: they usually have online catalogs, automatic synchronization, etc.
  • you will have to do everything to work with them. Don’t trust too much those who try in every way to get you on board!
  • look for a supplier that accepts orders by email – it saves you a lot of time and time is money!
  • make test orders, so that you can see the entire process as a whole and understand the preparation and shipping times of orders, if the tracking information is promptly provided and if the delivery takes place without problems.

Of course you too will have to do your part and send orders quickly and also try to communicate correctly and effectively with your suppliers: after all you’re selling also thanks to them!

Once you’ve found your supplier, then you’ll just have to think about how to drive traffic to your online store!

Why don’t you start selling with us, through BDroppy?

Thanks to BDroppy, if you’re already selling online, on your own website, or through a marketplace, you can have the dropshipping service included so that you can integrate the BDroppy catalog on your website/e-commerce, with thousands of designer fashion products, using a single dashboard.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in a turnkey solution, BDroppy thinks about you too! You will have your own ready-to-use e-commerce, with an integrated fashion catalog and dropshipping service included!

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We really hope these tips can be useful for your online business with BDroppy!