DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to create the perfect Call To Action?

What is a CTA?

A Call To Action is a sentence, word or phrase that encourages users to do something specific. But creating one is not that easy: you must convince your readers to do exactly what you want them to do with a single sentence.

Here are our 10 tips:

  1. Arouse curiosity
    Spark interest in your users by keeping details hidden. Or provide short and incomplete answers so that your readers want to know more.
  2. Create urgency
    Create a call to action that implies exclusivity, such as:
    “members only”
    “exclusive offer”
    “get it before anyone else”
  3. Be brief
    Keep your CTA complete but short, so that it’s perfectly comprehensible but you don’t go too much into details.
  4. Offer solutions
    Try to identify your customers’ problem and stress out how annoying it is, then offer them the perfect solution! Perhaps using the correct language too.
  5. Make them feel special
    Talk to them in a direct way, using sentences such as:
    “only for you”
    “special offer for you”
  6. Involve them
    Try to use the following expressions, which are more engaging:
    “I” instead of “you”
    “Register me” instead of “Register”
    “I want my copy now”, instead of “Download a copy”
  7. Use just one CTA for each page
    Identify the main message you want to convey and stick to it, otherwise it gets too confusing.
  8. Go big
    The CTA must be big and clearly visible, but don’t go overboard so that your readers don’t miss the main content of the text.
  9. Focus on the positive aspects
    This does not always refer to your product or service, but it’s often related to what you can bring to their activity.
    So instead of saying “Raise your earnings”, try to use “Double your earnings”.
    Sounds better, doesn’t it?
  10. Appeal their saving desire
    Everyone likes a good deal. So highlight the chance to save up, writing things such as:
    “Save 50%”

Writing an effective CTA is not that difficult, just try them out and play with them, so that your customers do exactly what you want them to do and you obtain real results!
Do you already use effective CTAs? Do they help you get what you want?

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