DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to boost your customer retention?

One of the main goals of online entrepreneurs is business growth.

This doesn’t mean simply acquiring new customers, which can be expensive and time-consuming, but the most important thing is retaining already existing customers, here are the benefits:

  • 80% of your sales are made by around 20% of your customers
  • acquired customers usually spend more
  • they usually spread the word and bring in more traffic and transactions
  • reengaging customers saves you time and money

But how to really boost your customer retention rate?

  1. pricing adjustment
    you can modify prices for returning customers so that they come back and keep doing business with you. Use discounts or free shipping, for instance.
  2. cross-selling and upselling strategies
    persuade your customers to buy something extra by using cross-selling strategies. Try to study the data in your possession, like items frequently purchased together, items that work better together or propose free shipping when reaching a specific amount of purchase.
  3. loyalty programs
    reward your most loyal customers by implementing a program, proposing for example a special discount or a special offer each month. Remember to keep it simple, so that your customers understand what they need to do!
  4. customisation
    personalize your customers’ experience on your website, so that they feel valued and have an easier experience. Collect their data (their birthday for example!) so next time they come back on your website their name will appear somewhere, as well as all information you previously gathered.
  5. offer a subscription
    offer your customers a monthly or annual subscription so that they feel engaged to your website for a longer time.
  6. meet your customers’ interests and needs
    once you really get to know your customers you can really offer them a personalized experience and remain on their minds.

We really hope these tips can be useful for your online business with BDroppy!