DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How should you promote your online store?

If you have an offline shop, you surely know how to promote it. But is it the same for online stores? Well, not at all! Things can be very different.

Of course an online activity allows you to reach more potential customers and you can control their shopping experience from the beginning to the end. But it’s not that simple…

What are the means through which you can successfully promote your online store?

Read on!

First of all, you must focus on the three main audiences you’re addressing:

  • those who already bought in your store or know about it – you can have a direct (and free) contact with them, via email, social media or text messages;
  • those who are looking for a product similar to yours – you must find a way to let them know about your product, through SEO, contents on Facebook or blogs;
  • those who would want your product if they knew about it – you must search for solutions to compete with your competitors, for example.

Let’s see some marketing tips to promote your online store

  1. Boost your social presence
    One of the easiest and most effective ways to be more present on social media is to really work on your social media channels, so that you make them captivating and appealing.
    Increase your post frequency, encourage your users to share your contents and try to be present in the most appropriate channels.
  2. Improve your mailing list
    A strong email marketing strategy is essential. Try to gather as many email addresses as you can so that once your e-commerce is up and running you can let them know.
    For more tips on how to work with email marketing, click here!
  3. SEO is key
    Search engine optimization (SEO) includes many things.
    First of all, make sure that your content uses language your customers might use when searching for similar products, through keyword research, for example.
    Then pay also attention to tags, titles and meta descriptions, as that’s the first thing customers see when they get to a website.
  4. Advertise on social media
    Everyone spends a lot of time on social platforms, that’s why they’re a great place to advertise your activity! Try to focus on the most appropriate platform based on your target audience.
  5. Create interesting content
    Creating interesting content is a very good way to attract traffic to your online store. Use professional photos or videos, interesting pages with insights on your activity or products and so on.
  6. Think about using influencers
    Influencers have huge online audiences and can “influence” their purchasing behavior.
    So think about working with influencers marketing, as it can make your product visible in front of many potential customers and increase your brand awareness. To know more about how to use influencers marketing, click here!

Starting to sell online for the first time can seem challenging but if you take one step at a time you won’t have problems. Choose a few of the tips we gave you so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and you will make the most of it!

Did you already know and put into practice some of these tips? Have you seen results?

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