DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How important is it to know Facebook statistics?

Facebook is the social network par excellence. Today it connects not only people, but also companies and their customers above all. That’s why keeping an eye on Facebook statistics is essential for your marketing strategy.

But what are the statistics not to be missed?

  • How many use Facebook?
    Facebook has 1.73 billion users who log in daily. They visit at least one of Facebook’s products (i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger) at least once a day. It is impossible to ignore its marketing potential, so it is necessary to study Facebook statistics and understand how to exploit them in your favor.
  • The other social networks.
    Facebook remains the most used social network, if we consider all the other social networks. Despite strong competition, it reaches over 60% of internet users. This is because it has been able to evolve and update itself according to the needs of its users.
  • The Facebook pages of the companies.
    Many people use Facebook Pages for their business and this is related to its advantages. Through Facebook, even companies and advertisers with small and medium businesses can reach one of the largest communities in the world, building an audience, offering them information and updates on the business, simplifying communication and therefore customer service and increasing word of mouth.
  • Facebook and young adults.
    65% of Facebook users are under the age of 35, it is therefore the dominant social media platform for young adults. This aspect is very important to correctly direct communication with suitable content and language.
  • Mobile accessibility.
    One of the reasons for Facebook success is its accessibility via mobile devices:  96% of active Facebook users access the platform via tablets or smartphones. Its app is therefore one of the top most downloaded apps every month.
  • How much time do we spend on Facebook?
    On average, a user spends 58.5 minutes a day on this social network and checks it about 15 times per hour (compared to 9 in 2004), in fact Facebook has launched a timer that allows you to monitor its use.
  • Marketers love Facebook.
    In addition to being loved by users, this social media is also very popular with businesses and the related marketing sector: in fact, 93% of businesses use ads. Facebook is perfect for starting to test marketing strategies as almost all types of content can find a following.
  • Discovering new products.
    Facebook is becoming more and more important for discovering new products. In fact, users, in addition to keeping in touch with friends and family, use it to get inspired, research and discover new products: this is very useful for marketers to understand who to contact and how.

Your competitors of course also use Facebook. Through the libraries you can check what your competitors are doing and adjust your sales strategy. This is a very simple tool to use and does not involve large spending budgets.

We really hope these tips can be useful for your online business with BDroppy!