DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How can text messages help your online sales?

Today almost everyone has got a smartphone and sends texts regularly.

If your online business doesn’t have a text message strategy in its marketing program, then you’re missing out on a good way to connect with your customers and of course boost your sales!

Here are some tips on how to build a successful SMS strategy:

  1. Better Communication
    Over 60% of consumers claim that they prefer reaching out to sellers without calling a phone number and have to talk to someone and would prefer to text. That’s also an easy way to keep records of communications and access them at any time.
  2. Mobile Coupons
    Store coupons sent via email have a very low open rate whereas coupons received via text message have an enormous open rate, which makes them a must in marketing strategy!
  3. Customise!
    Want to make sure your messages are read? People are more likely to open an email or a text with a personalized subject line. Try to include in your communications customised bits of information, so consumers feel like they’re appreciated and valued as an individual.
  4. Time-sensitive Messages
    Texts are immediate and able to grab someone’s attention so they’re the way to go when you need to send out timely information.
  5. Automations
    Business can get extremely busy and you may not always have the time to carry out your messaging, that’s why you may want to think about implementing an automatic system. For example you can send your customers an automated message with a coupon for their birthday.
    This allows you to save time and energy and to keep boosting your sales.
  6. Build a Relationship
    It’s more expensive to get a new customer than it is to retain one. That’s why it’s worth building personal relationships with your customers. Texts have a more conversational and informal style and they’re also very personal, since the conversation is held on the one thing that never leaves our side: our phones. This will inevitably lead to developing a relationship with your customer and perhaps to a sale.
  7. Send Updates
    Not everyone uses email or Facebook Messenger, but everybody has a working mobile number. Inform your customers via text messages about their order updates, shipping and delivery times.
  8. Don’t Overdo it
    Of course your customers must give you permission to send to them occasional text messages, don’t spam them! That encourages people not to opt out of them.

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