DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – eBay raises commission fees: what is changing for resellers?

Selling on eBay is now more expensive: it is the result of the new rules on the e-commerce platform (communicated to their users months ago) which are causing discontent among those selling on the platform. In particular, new higher sales commissions including shipping costs are applied to non-professional sellers.

The new rules also apply to PayPal payments that were the main method for all transactions but now are just one of the available options. This is of course a plus for buyers and their user experience, but will make things harder for sellers.

What does that mean?

Payments will no longer be credited on the resellers’ PayPal accounts but will be paid through bank transfers, so they will need a bank account associated with their profile. This basically means longer time frames to actually come into possession of the money.

The new fees

As for selling fees, eBay will be retaining 11.5 percent of the total including all additional costs, against the previous 10 percent of the cost of selling excluding packing and shipping charges. This was thought to limit the trend of selling items with a very low price but with unimaginable shipping costs.

This measure is, however, counterbalanced by the absence of fees withheld to be passed on to PayPal.

All in all, it will be hard to tell the true impact these new measures will have on sellers.

Do you sell on eBay or plan to do so? What do you think will be the consequences on your sales?

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