DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Are shoppable livestreams the new trend of online shopping?

In the last year, shopping has gone online more and more and therefore sellers are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their customers: one of the newest and most promising trends is livestreaming.

But what is it? Live Streaming Commerce is a new way to sell online, a shopping experience that virtually brings the customer to the store.

It consists of selling in real time during a live stream on social networks or on other specialized platforms. During the video, products are shown (by influencers for example) and customers can ask questions in real time or even buy the product.

This new shopping experience had a huge success in China during the lockdown and consequently many western brands have started to experiment with it.

This shift from offline to online shopping is in fact due to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply changed our buying habits. As soon as big players such as Amazon for example fully embrace this trend, livestreaming will likely become an established practice.

However, not all companies selling on Amazon may have the time or resources to go live. But those that have experimented with Amazon Live say they’ve experienced significant payoffs.

For a successful live stream it is important to have the right equipment, here is what is recommended:

  • a smartphone with applications such as Instagram and Facebook;
  • a stable and fast internet connection that allows a smooth broadcast;
  • a smartphone tripod or stand to get a perfect shot;
  • a tidy and well-lit room where to set up the set.

Of course also the platform is very important: Instagram is a great one for live streaming, but the limit is that very few potential customers are following the brands on social networks and therefore not all of them can follow their streams. It is vital to offer this functionality also on the e-commerce site, as it allows customers to access the streams and to purchase immediately within the platform.

During a livestream, shoppers may be able to ask questions and see all sizes and colors available in real time.

Sellers and brands are also required to fulfil buyers’ expectations as for delivery and inventory, otherwise they risk losing or harming their loyalty for the following events.

Have you ever taken part in a livestream or organized one?

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