DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Amazon Prime Day is coming, get ready for it!

This year’s Amazon Prime Day will take place on June 21st and 22nd, as revealed by Amazon on June 2nd.

The two days dedicated to shopping will be held precisely with the arrival of the summer season. Last year, as you all know, it was held late in the autumn due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, not all countries will participate this year: in India and Canada it has been postponed/canceled due to the new dramatic wave of infections that is affecting both countries.

Before the emergency, Amazon Prime Day usually took place in July: after the delay of 2020, for this year the company has decided to anticipate it to try and maximize the visibility of the event.

What are the main advantages of selling on Amazon?

  1. It is the main channel for online sales
    It is always a good idea to be present where your customers are, even though the commissions are high. But it’s an interesting showcase for those who have an ecommerce, and brings many advantages to those who know how to exploit it.
  2. Additional source of income
    Selling on Amazon would certainly give you access to an additional stream of income. By starting to sell on this platform, you will be found by new buyers and increase your sales volume and turnover.
  3. Amazon is reliable
    Founded in 1994, Amazon has over 25 years of experience.
    If your store is relatively new, customers may feel safer buying your products from Amazon than doing it right from your online store. Over time, customers who are constantly buying from you will eventually start doing so directly from your shop.
  4. Many people have an account
    Amazon has millions of active users and those having a Prime account will probably look for products on Amazon first, since it’s got some advantages due to the membership.
  5. It works!
    Many of Amazon sellers have achieved great results on the platform and with a little dedication you can definitely become a successful reseller as well!

Put our tips into practice and get ready for this huge event. Take advantage of the sales that can really get a boost thanks to Amazon Prime Day!

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