DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – 5 Strategies for Deciding What to Sell Online!

In recent years, online sales have become increasingly widespread, and due to the pandemic, it has experienced even greater acceleration. Many entrepreneurs have asked themselves “what to sell online?”, trying to understand which product or service could be more suitable for the online market and their company.

In this article, we will explore some strategies to help you choose what to sell online.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience
  2. Analyze Market Trends
  3. Analyze the Competition
  4. Evaluate Logistics and Distribution
  5. Verify Economic Feasibility
  1. Identify Your Target Audience

The first thing to do is to understand who you want to sell to. Who are the ideal customers for your company? What are their needs and interests? By identifying your target audience, you can find ideas on what to sell online. For example, if you deal with a sports audience, you could sell products related to sports, such as clothing, accessories or equipment.

Every industry has its trends, i.e., those emerging trends that become popular at a certain time. Following these trends can be an excellent strategy for understanding what to sell online. For example, during the pandemic period, the sale of home products, such as furniture and decorations, has experienced a significant increase. Furthermore, the so-called “green economy” is becoming increasingly popular, so you could consider selling sustainable and organic products.

  1. Analyze the Competition

Studying the competition can be an excellent source of inspiration for understanding what to sell online. You can take inspiration from the products sold by your competitors and try to offer something similar but with an added value that differentiates it from the competition. For example, if you want to sell clothing, you can try to offer a product of superior quality or with an innovative design.

  1. Evaluate Logistics and Distribution

Another important strategy to consider is logistics and product distribution. It is essential to choose a product that can be easily shipped and does not require excessive shipping costs. Additionally, it is necessary to evaluate whether you want to manage distribution in-house or rely on an external company.

  1. Verify Economic Feasibility

Finally, before deciding what to sell online, it is important to evaluate the economic feasibility of the project. You need to verify whether the chosen product can generate enough profits to cover production, marketing, and distribution costs. Additionally, it is essential to understand whether the product’s selling price is competitive compared to the market.

In conclusion, choosing what to sell online requires careful analysis and a good dose of creativity. By following these strategies, you can find interesting and innovative ideas for selling products online.


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