DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – 10 ideas for your small business marketing strategy

Are you about to launch your new online business or have you already got one? So you must know now that having a good online presence is essential.

Small businesses looking for brand awareness need digital marketing, which is a must-have for promotion. It is in fact fundamental to raise visibility, although it may also be challenging due to a limited budget or a smaller team.

What are the crucial strategies to generate awareness for your business?

  1. Know your audience
    As a small business, you must understand your buyers, so you must think about them and who you’d like to work with so that you can get into the head of your ideal customer.
  2. Value your existing customers
    Of course, you’d like to acquire new customers but it’s vital that you don’t abandon them once they’ve made their purchase. If their experience was good, they already know you and trust you, so they will come back. Focus on them and read HERE how to do that!
  3. Focus on single objectives
    The world of marketing is immense and therefore it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Try to identify the main goals you want to achieve and focus on those.
  4. Promotional tools
    Use free tools whenever it’s possible. After you’ve experienced them and you know which ones give you the best performance, you can pay to add more tools and gadgets to your marketing strategy.
  5. Create your own website
    This is one of the main benefits for your business since it lets you show your customers who you are and what you offer. It will always be yours and will generate traffic and therefore sales.
  6. Use social media
    Social media help you engage with potential customers and improve your search engine rankings. Plus, it’s fun!
  7. Create a blog
    This is one of the great means to establish your credibility and also to generate traffic to your website. You can use, to start, a free website tool to make your blog using one of its templates. Discover our tips on how to write a blog post HERE and remember to add a call-to-action to redirect readers to your website!
  8. Use email marketing
    Email marketing is vital for your marketing strategy and it’s an easy and free way to communicate with both new and existing customers. Experiment with newsletters and promotions and consider using automation to make this easier for yourself.
    Do you have doubts about email marketing? Read HERE our suggestions to cancel them now!
  9. Promote your activity through word of mouth
    Provide your customers with a great experience and they’ll likely leave a review and tell their friends and family about you!
    Try to encourage them to spread the word, perhaps using OUR TIPS!
  10. Advertise
    Think about investing in Google Ads and social media ads in order to broaden your audience and gain their interest.

These were our 10 tips for your small business marketing strategy.
Do you already use some of them? Do you find them useful?

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