Customer Stories – Florian Simion, owner of Dress It

Dress It successful customer stories

BDroppy was born from the decades-long experience of Brandsdistribution Group in the e-commerce sector, to meet the needs of those who want to grow their online business by reselling great fashion brands, without warehouse risks.

We had a chat with Florian Simion, owner of the online store Dress It.

When did you launch your fashion e-commerce and what prompted you to sell online?

I started my online fashion sales business a little over a year ago.

I started this business because I really like the idea of ​​selling fashion, especially online, in this period. In fact, apparel has a great demand online and I believe that such an activity can lead to good results.

Why did you choose BDroppy? Describe what convinced you to entrust yourself to us.

I discovered BDroppy at a time when I was looking for different ways to sell online without necessarily having to invest a lot of money.

In fact, I immediately thought of it as a serious company, with a very large inventory and different types of products, all original and high-quality.

How do you rate your experience with the service?

How do I rate my experience with the BDroppy service?

Well, it’s a totally new and surprising experience. I didn’t expect such a close cooperation. BDroppy staff are really helpful, like they are my employees or even friends you chat with and do business at the same time! In short, the availability, education and efficiency of BDroppy staff are really amazing.

My partners and I have taken this path without having much experience in fashion, but we want to change the wrong perception of people in Romania, who often buy cheap goods just because they are affordable or have seen other people with them.

What products or brands have been most successful in your store? What are your best-sellers?

We have decided to be exclusive distributors in Romania of SPARCO® Fashion, which is being pretty successful.

What results do you aspire to achieve in the next six months with your business?

My greatest hope is to be able to make my site step up in class, so as to be able to develop a physical store as well.

Clearly the volume of sales depends on many factors, but, with a reliable partner like BDroppy, the road goes downhill!

What does it mean for you to have a supplier like BDroppy?

BDroppy is a great partner you can trust to start your business and see it take off. I hope that our collaboration will bear fruit and lead us to achieve important results, but I’m sure of it!

Check out BDroppy online and start selling the top brands from our catalogue with us!