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Blauer: it’s an iconic brand, with products made with innovative materials and very high performance in protecting from low winter temperatures.
EA7: it’s the division dedicated to sports enthusiasts, with sneakers and technical clothing perfect for physical activity, colorful and practical. A must-have for all sports lovers.
Emporio Armani: an iconic brand in the entire world, it’s dedicated to young people attentive to new trends. The collection, with an innovative and casual design, was created to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding audience.
K-Way: the revolutionary iconic jacket. Lightweight, comfortable, and completely waterproof, its products have been a true must-have over the years and still are for people of all ages.
Napapijri: the Italian clothing brand closely related to adventure travels, the mountains and the cold weather. Attention to detail and innovative materials create an unmistakable style that perfectly combines with the need for casual and versatile clothes.

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